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Analysis On The Team Innovation Driving Mode Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2021-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330602482212Subject:Business management
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At present,innovation and entrepreneurship activities are strongly supported by the state and the government.Small and medium-sized enterprises(smes)have made continuous independent innovation,contributed a large number of new products and services,and made endless innovative achievements,playing an important role in promoting technological innovation and increasing employment opportunities.With the widespread prevalence of team work,the team as the basic unit of innovation and innovation.However,there are relatively few researches on the team innovation-driven model in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises.From the perspective of configuration,this paper takes China's small and medium-sized manufacturing and service enterprises as the research object,and adopts the qualitative comparative analysis method of fuzzy set to explore the complex influence mechanism of entrepreneurship and organizational learning on team innovation.This study selected one manufacturing company and two service companies,49 work groups,qualitative comparative analysis by fuzzy sets a total of 4 kinds of team innovation drive mode and draw the corresponding seven kinds of concrete path,respectively is driven learning vision,leadership support,adventure and driven team innovation mode.The learning-driven model mainly relies on the team to strengthen the organizational learning behavior and awareness,and provides the team members with material,channel and psychological support for learning to promote the improvement of innovation level;The leader-support-driven model mainly relies on the role of team leaders to promote innovation,including creating a loose and good organizational atmosphere,strengthening communication with members,and tolerating mistakes;The adventure-driven model believes that innovation and risk-taking go hand in hand,and encourages team leaders to think out of the traditional way and make bold innovations;In the vision-driven model,the more team members accept and recognize the vision of the organization's goals,the more they have the sense of belonging and aggressive behavior,and the higher the level of team innovation.Through the configuration analysis of the case enterprise,the four driving modes are obtained.This paper complements the research on the team innovation driving mode of SMEs,and provides a reference for the qualitative comparative analysis method to study complex phenomena in the future.At the same time,this study also has certain practical significance.First,this study provides guidance on the driving mode for SMEs to improve the innovation level of their work teams.Secondly,this study makes a specific analysis of the corresponding typical cases of each type of driving mode and compares the driving modes of the two types of industries,so as to provide a reference for the specific team innovation driving configuration for the service-oriented transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entrepreneurship, Organizational learning, Team innovation, Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Fuzzy Sets(fsQCA)
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