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Research On The Risk Management Of Credit In Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In ZS Bank

Posted on:2018-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2359330569975784Subject:Business administration
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In recent years,the community generally believe that small and medium enterprises financing difficulties,and one of the biggest performance is the difficulties of small and medium enterprises in the bank financing,bank loans to the threshold is high,resulting in this phenomenon there are two reasons for business and banking.China's small and medium enterprises in the wave of reform and opening up the rapid growth of the scale,the number of scattered,scattered to the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region.Although most of the small and medium enterprises only dozens of individuals,only tens of millions of annual sales,but the accumulation of more for the national economic growth contribute.After several decades of wind and frost,China's small and medium enterprises have grown a lot,but still not mature enough.The gap between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises is not limited to the size of the gap,whether it is business or management,small and medium-sized enterprise standardization and rationalization is still criticized.The development of small and medium-sized enterprises has always been a matter of social concern.If the key factor restricting the development of small and medium enterprises,80% of people will be the lack of funds in the first place.Shortage of funds is the biggest problem of small and medium-sized enterprises to grow in large scale,because the lack of funds for small and medium-sized enterprises to break the risk of capital chain is very high,because the poor flow of funds and early death of small and medium enterprises are few.SMEs want to meet the development of financial needs through bank loans,but the banks continue to "launch" so that the financing of small and medium enterprises more and more bumpy road.Banks believe that the risk of small and medium enterprises loans,because SMEs do exist some inherent weakness.Less registered capital,less collateral assets,less liquidity and some non-standard operating behavior so that SMEs are always on the brink of bankruptcy.Some small and medium enterprises,although the wind and water,but as long as a wrong decision may make all the results before they come out,small and medium enterprises once caught in a financial crisis is difficult to get out of the predicament,but also means that the ability to lose debt The As a financial service organization,the risk of bad debts is the primary task of bank management,occupying a large proportion in the performance appraisal system.Due to the inter-bank competition and business expansion needs in previous years,experienced a period of rapid growth of the results,resulting in a straight rise in bad debt rate,bad debt risk has become a bank can not afford the weight.It is this pressure that China's commercial banks pay more attention to the loan risk management,the borrower,especially the borrowing structure of the qualification will become more stringent.From the bank's point of view,through a number of standard judgments to evaluate whether a small and medium enterprises with loan qualifications,such as through the credit rating to determine the level of SME loan application approval rate.Single step review,many small and medium enterprises can not pass,so often the bank refused to apply for loans.And even some banks in order to reduce the credit risk,directly to the small and medium enterprises included in the "refusal" list,so that some solvency is better,higher credit level of small and medium enterprises directly lost the qualifications of loans,and finally small and medium enterprises Loans are a common phenomenon.ZS Bank will be SME credit business as a key business to develop before 2013,but due to poor risk control to form a large amount of bad debts.However,ZS Bank did not find a problem from its own risk management,but the inclusion of small and medium-sized enterprises in the ranks of high-risk groups,reducing the SME credit business at the same time to improve the SME loan application standards.In fact,some credit risk generation and the bank's own internal risk management loopholes have a great relationship,if the ZS Bank to internal credit risk prevention and control to do the leak does not leak,do not have to choke food,the development of small and medium enterprises credit business timid.In this context,this paper puts forward the countermeasures to improve the credit risk management of small and medium-sized enterprises from the bank's point of view,hoping that ZS Bank can better provide financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises under the escort of risk management,which is beneficial to ZS Business development,but also conducive to local SME...
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