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Research On The Financing Problems Of Zhongguancun Technology-based Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2021-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330629450636Subject:National Economics
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Medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises play an important role in creating jobs,promoting technological innovation,enhancing regional economic strength,improving people's quality of life,and maintaining social harmony and stability.With industry entering the era of "4.0",innovation has become an important competitive factor for each country to occupy the forefront of economic development,a driving force and source for national economic development.On the way from "made in China" to "created in China",medium and small-sized enterprises win an important development opportunity because of its higher ability to innovate,therefore,medium and small-sized enterprise must grasp the opportunity,overcome their own development obstacles,give full play to its own energy,contribute more to the prosperity of the socialist market economy.As the center of science and technology innovation in China,Beijing undertakes important responsibilities in supporting the healthy development of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises,improving the innovation capacity of the capital,and promoting the conversion of old and new drivers.In the process of promoting the development of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises,solving the financing problem is the most crucial step.Due to China has a special historical development background,the financing system of medium and small-sized enterprises in science and technology has not yet been improved,and some problems in financing channels still need to be solved urgently.This paper takes the financing problem of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises in Zhongguancun as the research object,selects the financing status of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises in Zhongguancun as the entry point,deeply analyzes the main financing methods and existing problems of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises and from many perspectives to analyzes its reason such as the single operation and management mode of enterprises lack of pledged asset;Financial institutions' service concept is conservative and backward,and they prefer to issue loans to state-owned enterprises with large scale and stable development;The government's policy operability is not strong,and the pertinence of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises is insufficient and the development potential of the capital market has not been fully released and so on.On the basis of deeply understanding of relevant financing theories,this paper discusses the deficiencies of Chinese enterprises,financial institutions,government and capital market in supporting financing measures of medium andsmall-sized technology-based enterprises,and draws on the experience of the United States and Japan in constructing high level capital market,policy support,law improvement and talent cultivation.This paper selects enterprises' intellectual property financing,microfinance,guarantee agencies,incubators,insurance institutions,and other indicators to analyse China's capital market development space with grey correlation model.From medium and small-sized enterprises improve their management,financial institutions change their traditional ideas,the government put forward concrete and effective targeted policy,develope high level capital market and so on,put forward some reference countermeasures to solve the financing difficulties of medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises in Zhongguancun,and provide advice for solving the national medium and small-sized technology enterprises' financing issues.
Keywords/Search Tags:Medium and small-sized technology-based enterprises, Financing, Innovation, The capital market
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