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Synthesis And Properties Of Pyronin-Based Fluorescent Dye Of Hetero Atoms

Posted on:2021-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Pyronin dyes based on xanthene ring structure are often used in the design and research of fluorescent probes,because they have relatively good photochemical properties,such as high molar absorption coefficient,high fluorescence quantum yield,and water solubility.Good,wide applicability,etc.Pyronin uses the PET effect as the luminescence detection mechanism.The 9-position reactivity of Pyronin is high,and different element modifiers can be converted into each other,which has the advantages of easy modification.In this study,Rhodamine and Pyronin were selected as the basic framework for derivatization,and different substituents were introduced to synthesize 4 compounds of Rhodamine and 8 compounds of Pyronin;the main contents of this paper are:1.Developed a new synthesis method of Pyroninone.Pyronin forms a triplet carbene structure under the action of a strong base,and undergoes electrophilic substitution with elemental oxygen and sulfur,respectively,to obtain Pyroninone and Pyroninone in high yield,and avoid the use of toxic Potassium cyanide and oxalyl chloride save a lot of tedious steps;2.On the basis of Pyroninthione,the corresponding S and N derivatives of Pyronin were synthesized.Pyroninthione reacts with halogenated hydrocarbons and amines,respectively,and changes the reaction conditions(such as solvent,temperature,etc.),successfully prepared a series of 9-heteroatom substituted Pyronin derivatives;and the derivation of rhodamine Chemical has also been studied,and successfully obtained 4 kinds of rhodamine derivatives.3.Probes PY-TP and Rod-Pt have a fluorescent response to the oxidant ClO-,and the reaction mechanism of the two with ClO-is discussed;the compounds Rod-NO and JP-SBn have good optical properties,and are suitable for xanthenes The development of dyes plays an important role.
Keywords/Search Tags:pyronin, heteroatomic, rhodamine, fluorescent dye, redshift
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