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On The Power Of "Repetition" ——Research On The Application Of Repeated Forms In Ink And Wash Practice

Posted on:2022-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2505306773498244Subject:China Neoteric and Modern History
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Whether the repetition of life in nature or the laws of production or behavior in society are the basis of human experience.Repetition is a way to help human life to grow and gain cognition,but also constitute the basic element of art.In artistic creation,"repetition",as the driving force of content and form,has always been used by artists as an intuitive and rich and expressive artistic language.This paper takes the form of "repetition" in the Chinese traditional painting and contemporary Chinese painting as the main research object,and studies and discusses the aesthetic value and cultural connotation of the "repetition" form in the current artistic creation,as well as the application and expression of the "repetition" form in the author's creation.The paper is divided into three chapters.The first chapter explains the "repetition" from many angles,and discusses the social value and significance of the "repetition" from the aspects of nature,society and personal life respectively.The second chapter discusses the application and expression of the "repetition" art form in the picture.First,the concept of "repetitive" form is defined,and second,the order and diachronic characteristics of "repetitive" form in traditional Chinese painting,as well as the simplicity and difference expressed in contemporary Chinese painting are discussed.In the third chapter,we study and discuss the application and expression of "repetitive" form in the author's artistic creation,and integrate it with its own aesthetic concept,thus producing new visual experience and artistic aesthetic value.
Keywords/Search Tags:repetition, repetition form, image repetition, artistic creation
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