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Engels's "On Authority" And Its Enlightenment To The Construction Of Contemporary Chinese Political Authority

Posted on:2021-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306272452334Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Authority is the guarantee for the orderly development of the country's various socialist modernization undertakings.The Communist Party of China,as the core of leadership in various undertakings in China,has led the Chinese people to prosperity through decades of wise decision-making,and gradually established a solid political authority.However,nowadays,we carry out various deep-level and difficult reforms in our country.The situation in foreign countries is turbulent,the economy is sluggish,trade exchanges are facing many obstacles.Opportunities and challenges are faced to the country's various undertakings.It is also the authority of the party and government Creating challenges requires new thinking on the construction of political authority.The proposal of Engels to strengthen authority under complicated circumstances is for our country in an important period of deciding to build a well-off society in an all-round way,and to win the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.It is extremely important to clarify the status of authority,and it has also helped to construct political authority New revelation.Engels clearly pointed out the essential connotation of authority in "On Authority".Authority is not a mandatory deprivation of power,but the exercise of power under the premise of obedience;from the perspective of economic development,it is pointed out that with economic and social development,authority must exist;Autonomy is relative.With the continuous development of society,the relationship between authority and autonomy needs to be viewed dialectically;political authority will not disappear at this stage,and will play an increasingly important role.Engels ' " On Authority " is a study of China The construction of the political authority provided a theoretical basis and provided theoretical support for strengthening the political identity of the people of all ethnic groups across the country.The construction of political authority is affected by aspects including the guiding role of Marxist ideology,the growth and distribution of economic benefits,the transmission of theoretical and policy information,and the image of the party and government.At present,China's political authority is facing problems including Marxist ideology.Dominance is challenged,the new normal of the economy,the difficulty of handling information public opinion,political corruption and other challenges;countermeasures for the construction of political authority need to be addressed one by one,including strengthening party leadership,building socialist ideology,and strengthening the rule of law Authority,maintaining stable economic development,etc.The ideological content of authority in Engels' s On Authority still has important value in contemporary times.Using it as the theoretical basis to generate more thinking for us to build political authority,increase the scientificity and feasibility of the construction of political authority.
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