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Exposition On Identification With Authority In Parts Of The Villagers During The Process Of Chinese Transformation

Posted on:2008-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Authority phenomenon is one of the common phenomena in the developing process of human society. Identification with authority in life which set in certain area is significant in firming the society order. With the modernization of china's rural areas to accelerate the pace of restructuring, the interests of the villages within the emergence of a new integration, rural power structure shows a new pattern. Original villages diminishing authority, the authority of the new rise, leading to the villager authority of the identity change, thus affecting the development of the rural political process. Political Psychology attention to farmers grows with a more realistic significance, especially, in the party's 16th Plenary Session of the Fifth building socialist new rural development strategy.Based on the basic theories of Marxism as aguide, based in china since reform and opening up in rural parts of the actual changes, Discussion authority from the start agree meaning comprehensive introduction to the current authority of the villagers agree with the status quo,characteristics, in-depth analysis of the villagers agree with the authority of the reasons for the existence and impact and efforts to explore the authority to establish reasonable response pattern recognition, with a view to china's rural political contribution to the sound developmentThis paper is divided into six parts : Preface inspected the research topics'practical significance, status and the characteristics. Chapter I deals with the recognition of the authority of the relevant concepts and theories to solve the problem lay the theoretical foundation. In the second chapter, some villagers agree with the authority of the current characteristics and problems during the China's transition period. The third chapter analyzes that some villagers agree with the authority of the status quo causes and consequences during China's transition period, In chapterâ…£, rural democracy to the benefit of the villagers agree with the authority of psychological model concept and the realization of the legitimate mode of concrete measures. This paper draws the following conclusion : the current villagers of political authority for the recognition is not optimistic; strengthen the building of village-level political organizations and improve "two committees"'s ability become the most important. I hope that through writing papers can help the implementation of the strategy on "new rural construction" in some way.This paper's main characteristics : First, the study sought to new perspectives. The paper based on ordinary villagers as the main objective, reversing the neglect of the main farmers perspective before. Second, the interdiscipline way was used. In this paper, political science, sociology and social psychology, and other interdisciplinary approaches to embrace the wider use of data and quantitative analysis of the villagers agree psychological authority problems. Third, the restructuring is based on China's specific conditions in rural areas, focusing on the research topic of the times and a realistic aim. with a strong practical significance. Especially for the villagers recognized authority reflected the "two committees" confusion between reality and Papers to be analyzed and discussed from rationalize its laws and regulations on the resolution, hoping to pass the thesis has given rise to concern over this issue, it will soon be resolved, rural political authority in the current Chinese rural society to be a comprehensive manner.
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