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A Study On The Influence Of The Restart Of The French-German Axis On European Integration

Posted on:2022-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306311475874Subject:International politics
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Since the French Foreign Minister Schumann issued a statement advocating the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community on May 9,1950,it has been nearly 70 years.After World War ?,the reconciliation of France and Germany opened the process,actively cooperate in European affairs and play an important role together.The cooperation and mutual compromise between France and Germany have always been an important driving force,Germany and France are often not in agreement or it is difficult to come up with solutions.Since the European debt crisis,the European integration process has faced unprecedented challenges.The refugee crisis,terrorism,and stagnant economic development have all had a major impact on the European integration process.In 2016,the United Kingdom held a referendum to withdraw from European integration,which cast a huge shadow over European integration.Whether the European integration process will go backwards and how France and Germany will take actions to promote European integration have become a major problem that plagues Europe.After the 2017 general elections in France and Germany,the resumption of the Franco-German axis was start.German and French leaders frequently met to jointly promote the restart process of the Franco-German axis and the further development of relations between the two countries.The restart of the Franco-German axis also has an important impact on the development of European integration.At present,competition in various regions of the world is becoming increasingly fierce,and there are fierce competitions among major power groups.For Europe,maintaining peace and development in Europe and strengthening the building of European centripetal force are important ways to ensure the security and economic development of European countries.Under this circumstance,how to ensure the continued development of European integration and how to maintain the balance and unity within the EU are what every member of the EU,especially Germany and France,must think and pay attention to.As the foundation and pillar of European integration,the Franco-German axis has a decisive influence on the process of European integration.Against this background,this article mainly explores the following questions:How did the Franco-German axis form and develop after World War II?In different historical stages after the war,what changes did the Franco-German axis and the process of European integration have produced?What is the background reason and process of the restart of the Franco-German axis?What impact will the restart of the Franco-German axis have on European integration?This article sorts out the Franco-German axis and the process of European integration since the end of World War II in detail,focusing on the restart of the Franco-German axis after the 2017 elections in France and Germany,and attempts to analyze the impact of the restart of the Franco-German axis on the European integration process Impact.This article believes that French-German cooperation is a prerequisite and an important foundation for European integration.European integration also provides a higher-level platform for Germany and France to enhance their strength and voice.The Franco-German axis and European integration are complementary and mutually reinforcing.Under the threats of the European debt crisis,the refugee crisis,and Brexit,it is almost inevitable that France and Germany choose to restart and strengthen the Franco-German axis.Both France and Germany hope to use the leadership of the Franco-German axis to ensure the interests of Europe and the continuation of the European integration process.In the face of various domestic and international changes,if France and Germany can control the development of domestic populism,enhance the action of the Franco-German axis,effectively solve European problems,and make European integration overcome the crisis,then the Franco-German axis will Continue to play a leading role and lead European integration to continue to move forward.
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