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Research On Prevention And Cure Of Online Dating Fraud Crime From The Perspective Of Victimology

Posted on:2022-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2506306752464734Subject:Criminal Law
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The popularity of the Internet has contributed to many long-distance friendship and love,which has become a part of people's daily life,affecting and changing people's living habits.In this environment,illegal activities such as fraud and extortion are also increasing.A variety of new means emerge in endlessly,including through marriage and dating fraud to obtain other people's property which caused the victim's property and emotional loss,more importantly,negative social impact.At present,the prevention and control countermeasures against this crime mainly focus on criminals,while the victim prevention countermeasures have not been paid enough attention.Victim prevention not only play an indispensable rule in crime prevention and control,but is an integral part of the crime governance system.From the perspective of victimology,this paper analyzes the phenomenon of the online dating fraud crime,and methods adopted are statistical analysis,literature research,case analysis and indepth interview.This paper aims to analyze the phenomenon and causes of victims,putting forward the prevention measures.This paper is divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction,which describes the research background,introduces the domestic and foreign research status,and explains the research methods used in this paper.This part point out the severe situation of online dating fraud crime and demonstrate the necessity of research from the perspective of victimology.Part II: overview section.The second part is mainly defines the concept and characteristics of the online dating fraud crime and its victim,emphasizing the feasibility of this research and proposing paths.Part III: Victimization characteristics.The third part summarizes the characteristics of victims and analyzes the phenomenon of victims by collecting the cases of China Judgment Document Network in the past five years(2017-2021),and draws general rules.The specific manifestations are the demographic characteristics,process characteristics and consequences.Part IV: Cause of victimization.The fourth part is to analyze the reasons of the victimization characteristics.From the victim's psychological weakness,information asymmetry,interpersonal relationship imbalance and the absence of network supervision aspects,this paper discusses why the victim's psychology and behavior have the corresponding changes under the guidance of criminals.The psychological weaknesses of victims can be summarized as demand,gullibility and profit-seeking.This paper shows the information difference caused by the asymmetry in the transmission process from the four perspectives of the sender,the receiver,the channel and the content.Self-cognition dissonance and deviation of others' cognition constitute the imbalance of interpersonal communication.The insecurity of user information,the irregularity of the online platform and the proliferation of illegal transactions have created opportunities for victimization.Part V: Victimization prevention.The countermeasures are put forward mainly for pre victimization stage,middle victimization stage and post victimization stage,which effectively play the role of general prevention and key prevention from the perspective of victimization.The focus of pre victimization stage is on the people;During middle victimization stage,requires the joint efforts of telecommunications departments,banks,public security organs to reducing losses as soon as possible;after being victimized,it is necessary to provide victims with both spiritual and material protection.It is hoped that this paper can contribute to reducing victims and curbing crimes in theory and practice,and to create a good,standardized and healthy network environment in the future.
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