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The Research On Service Quality Management Of College Education Foundation Based On QFD And Kano

Posted on:2019-03-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306473451444Subject:Public Management
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At present,China's college education foundations are developing rapidly.Their funds are mainly from the donations of all alumni-based communities.Donor experience is an important factor affecting their donation behavior.The donation experience is precisely reflected in the The quality of service for public welfare projects.Therefore,if college education foundations want to improve the donation experience and have a stable source of funds,they must constantly improve and improve the service quality of public welfare projects.This paper uses QFD theory to study the quality of service of college education foundation projects,and to identify the key of management by constructing the model of college education foundation project service quality,so as to guide college education foundations to improve project service quality.First of all,combing and researching related theories and methods,and put forward the research framework of applying QFD theory to the service quality of public welfare projects.Secondly,the QFD and Kano integration methods are used to integrate the needs of donors and recipients into the service standards of public welfare projects,and a service quality model of university education foundations based on QFD and Kano is constructed.Again,this model is applied to the BIT Education Foundation's charity project.Based on the results of the pre-research,this article only analyzed the impact of donor demand on the service quality of public service projects.According to the results of model identification,it was determined that the team members' competence,the scientific nature of the project setting,and the summarization of the feedback mechanism are important factors influencing the service quality of public welfare projects,and they are also the focus of future management.Finally,according to the identified important service standards,it is proposed that the BIT Education Foundation can improve the quality of project services by improving the competence of team members,improving the scientific nature of project settings,and strengthening the construction of feedback mechanisms.The project management provided support and help.The application of this model is feasible and enriches the theoretical basis for the development of university education foundations.The University Education Foundation can fully apply it to actual project service quality management,continuously dig deeper into customer needs,and take into account customer needs and project service quality,thereby enhancing its credibility and fundraising capabilities.
Keywords/Search Tags:University Education Foundation, Service Quality, Customer Demand, QFD
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