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Study On Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction And Service Marketing Of Taiwan Tutorial Schools

Posted on:2013-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M X LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117330374487343Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The research on one hand explores cram school students'influence on expected service quality, cognitive service quality and satisfaction. On the other hand, through the data analysis and empirical research, it attempts to find out the relevance of students' expected service quality, cognitive service quality and customer satisfaction towards tutorial schools, the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction of remedial teaching, the main factors resulting in tutorial schools' customers (students) loss, and how to evaluate quantitatively the quality of education services process, how to proceed from the start of improvement of customer satisfaction to prevent the loss of excellent students. Besides, principal elements that effect extra-curricular tutoring high school students'customer satisfaction and their respective weights in comprehensive appraisal have been demonstrated as well.Beginning from the perspective of customer satisfaction, this paper evaluates service quality of remedial education, brings forth formulas which assess the customer satisfaction of remedial education services, devises the Gap Analysis model and the SERVQUAL model in quality evaluation of remedial education services.Empirical analysis vertifies that it's scientific and effective and convincing to employ two-factor repeated analysis of variance model to study the significant differences of different tutorial schools in remedial education services quality.On the other hand, it also reaches the conclusion that:there is no direct relationship between quality assessment of remedial education services and which grade the evaluation body from, that is, in quality evaluation of remedial education services, the age factor is independent of the evaluation indicators.While analyzing elements that lead to the loss of tutorial schools students, it gets eight factors. Namely, teaching location, teaching environment, teaching staff, tutorial content, teaching methods, teaching attitudes, grades and tuition fees. The study finds that the loss of students is due to the eight factors mentioned above, which play a single role respectively or multiple roles jointly. An optimal method of decision-making based on DEA is put forward in view of combination improvement need of various factors which affect the customer satisfaction.By calculating the gap between cognitive quality and customer expectations, and set examples of a few tutorial schools gap to proof that problems do exist in teaching geographical location, tuition fees, tutorial content in some tutorial schools, and improvement&augment on these issues are indispensible; Certain tutorial schools are inadequate in teaching environment, teaching force, teaching methods and teaching attitudes; Some need to take targeted measures to improve students' achievements.Accordting to the design theory of forecasting&warning system, this paper constructs an early-warning setup of student satisfaction, which consists of early-warning indicator system, early-warning signal system, early-warning system to identify limits of customer satisfaction.On the foundation of the proposed systems above, it computes seventeen early-warning values of teaching satisfaction indicators, and points out that in some tutorial schools early-warning indicators of service satisfaction, the state of certain early-warning indicators may be in poor conditions, tutorial school administrators should adopt effective measures for improvement.This will make a difference in improving the working conditions of tutorial schools marketing.The construction of Marketing Potential Energy (MPE) is of crucial significance to tutorial schools' survival and development, which is not easy owing to its self-localization.Tutorial schools need a timely evaluation and analysis of their own MPE as well as to build their own MPE, learning from other schools the corresponding remedial measures and experiences to expand the advantages, make up for the weaknesses. Such actions would integrate internal and external resources to enable marketing potential enhanced continuously.This study also gives the basic steps to apply DEA to appraise tutorial schools' MPE, creates a set of effective and powerful MPE evaluation index system.By estimating, the research obtains situations of the selected tutorial school, which marketing management is at a greater risk.When we evaluate marketing management of tutorial schools, by means of BP neural network theory, the selected appraisal indicators are of a wide coverage, strong internal logic, moderate index numbers and powerful operability, whic can be more objective and accurate to describe the marketing management condition of tutorial schools. BP-based early-warning management model of universities marketing organization can be used to reflect tutorial schools' early-warning management problems of school marketing.On the reliability level of0.01, weight distribution of the eight major factors mentioned above has been identified. Among the eight principal factors, on the reliability level of0.01, the error rate of weighted comprehensive satisfaction in relation to overall satisfaction is within5%.Therefore, it's natural to conclude that eight major factors'weight distribution is valid.Findings of this study can be used for students satisfaction test to check the performance of the main factors influence satisfaction.Accordingly, school administrators could take effective measures to make full use of the resources of tutorial schools, better the conditions of various factors, heighten teaching standards and efficiency, and simultaneously, elevate the student customer satisfaction, which would let them grow up healthy. Thereby, it would ultimately contribute to tutorial schools' healthy and rapid development.
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