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Immigrant Integration Research From The Perspective Of Multiculturalism

Posted on:2022-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of globalization,the issue of transnational migration has become a hot topic.The integration of modern multi-ethnic countries and the governance of the community have become more and more important in domestic politics.There are many conflicts in the process of integration among different ethnic groups with different economic cultural backgrounds.They also faced with the choice of maintaining their own culture or building national identity.Multiculturalism has become a method that promotes integration,While in reality,it faces many difficulties.This paper starts with the theoretical development and indicators of immigration integration,compares the effects of immigration integration between the United States and Canada from the aspects of population distribution,living space,political status,economic cultural integration.By learning the internal differences of immigrant,this paper finds that the situation like fewer Hispanics and illegal immigrants,higher immigration quality and smaller gap between the rich and the poor makes the integration of immigrants in Canada less difficult than that in the United States.Then this paper discusses the influences of the "Affirmative Action" of the United States and the multiculturalism policy of Canada towards integration of immigrants.It also analyzes the reasons why Canada's integration is superior to that of the United States from the aspects of cultural policy,institution and economy.The symbolism of operation form,the universality of target and the non opposition of executive standard are the reasons for the great achievements of multiculturalism in Canada;while in the United States,they are faced with many difficulties because of touching practical interests and intensifying racial antagonism.Through the comparison and analysis of the reasons for the application of multiculturalism in different countries,this paper tries to provide reference for the future of multiculturalism and modern multi-ethnic countries to deal with the problem of identity politics.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multiculturalism, Integration of Immigrants, "Affirmative Action", the United States, Canada
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