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The Effect Of Procrastination On The Information Processing Process Of College Students' Career Decision-making

Posted on:2017-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517304877973629Subject:Applied psychology
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Career decision-making is one of the most important decisions for an individual.College students complete the switch from the role of students to professional people by career decision-making process,so career decision-making is a focus of the attention.And the decision making process is an important research direction in psychology of decision making,it is been taken seriously day by day.Career decision-making is seen as a decision-making process of information processing in this study,decision-making information processing process variables are discussed.Procrastination is one of the hot issues of psychological research,and students' learning procrastination is quite common.This research adopts the view of Chu and Choi(2005),and distinguish academic procrastination by active and passive procrastination.At present,we has not yet found any research about the active and passive procrastination effects career decision-making information processing under the conditions of different tasks.Process tracking tool software Mouselab WEB is used in this study,this study explore the active and passive procrastination effects on career decision-making information processing in different task conditions and different time conditions respectively.The conclusions:(1)Task condition affects the individual's career decision-making information processing.Compared with few clues type,when the quantity of clues is large,the time of decision-making were significantly longer,and see more amount of information significantly,the average viewing time was significantly shortened,exploration depth decreased significantly.(2)Time pressure affects the individual's career decision-making information processing.Compared with no time pressure conditions,under the condition of time pressure,the subjects shorten the decision-making time significantly,and see less information significantly,reduce exploration depth greatly.(3)Procrastination type in different situation have an impact on career decision-making information processing.Under the condition of different tasks,passive procrastinators,decision time was significantly shorter than active procrastinators and no-procrastinator.Under the condition of different time,the average of check time of passive procrastinators is significantly longer than active procrastinators.No matter under the condition of different tasks,or under the condition of different times: the amount of information been seen,passive procrastinators see less information than active procrastinators and no-procrastinator significantly;On the-Depth-of-search,the-Depth-of-search of the passive procrastinators is lower than active procrastination and no-procrastinator significantly,On the satisfaction of decision-making,active procrastinators,satisfaction is higher than passive procrastinator.
Keywords/Search Tags:active procrastination, passive procrastination, career decision-making, task condition, time-pressure
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