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Investigation And Research On The Activities Of "Gan Opera Into Campus" From The Perspective Of The Protection Of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Posted on:2022-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306494498504Subject:Chinese history
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Since the emergence of Yiyang Tune in the Ming Dynasty,Gan Opera has undergone more than 500 years of development.From the inheritance of the troupes in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China,to the rescue protection after the foundation of New China,the stagnation during the Great Cultural Revolution,the revival since the Reform and Opening-up,and the diversified protection of multisubject in the era of intangible cultural heritage,the development of Gan opera has gone through a long and tortuous course.Leping is a popular area for Gan opera in history,and has the reputation of "Hometown of Gan Opera" and "Hometown of Ancient Opera Stages".In the process of social interaction between Gan Opera and the ordinary folks,the unique,important and representative Leping opera culture has gradually formed.In recent years,under the guidance of relevant national policies and opinions,the protection of intangible heritage has paid more attention to the integration of school education.All over the country are carrying out intangible cultural heritage into campus activities with local traditional culture as the main content.Leping City is also vigorously promoting the "Gan Opera Rejuvenation Project",and the "Gan Opera into Campus" activity is a very important part of it.This essay selects four historical,characteristic and representative primary schools in Leping City as research samples,through field survey,in-depth interview,questionnaire survey and other ways,to understand the characteristics and shortcomings of the activities,and to explore a better way to inherit Gan opera in Leping campus.This essay consists of three chapters.The first chapter discusses the traditional inheritance of Gan opera and the protection process of each period before and after it became an intangible cultural heritage project,and summarizes the opera culture of Leping.The second chapter introduces the current situation of the "Gan Opera into Campus" activity in Leping City based on a survey of four primary schools,and obtains the cognition,attitude and opinions of students,teachers and parents on the activity by means of questionnaire survey,so as to understand the impact of the activity on different audience groups,and then analyzes the characteristics and shortcomings of the activity.The third chapter puts forward some suggestions and prospects for the further implementation of "Gan Opera into Campus" activity in Leping City.The last part is the summary of the whole essay.Through interviews with school leaders,cultural center leaders and student representatives,this paper aims to understand the development of "Gan Opera into Campus" activity in Leping City,and through questionnaire survey to understand the cognition,attitude and opinions of students,teachers and parents on the activity,so as to find out the positive factors that are beneficial to the activity and the negative factors that hinder the activity,I hope to contribute to the inheritance and development of Gan opera in Leping campus in the future,so that the local traditional art popular in Leping in history can be well inherited and carried forward among today's teenagers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, Gan Opera into Campus, Leping Opera Culture, Present Situation, Suggestions and Prospects
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