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Research On The Improvement Of The Legal System Of Labor Dispatch In My Country

Posted on:2022-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous development of China's economy and society,the employment mode in the field of human resources is becoming more and more diversified.This phenomenon has brought a variety of development possibilities for the prosperity of the labor market.The labor dispatch mode gradually entered the labor market with its own advantages,gradually known by people,and more and more widely used.The labor dispatch system has solved the problem of labor shortage to a certain extent,increased the flow of social labor,and activated the labor market,It can be said that this is a long-term employment form that can bring benefits to the society.However,each system has its advantages and disadvantages,labor dispatch system is no exception,in the form of labor dispatch has been widely used,there are also many social problems,especially for the protection of workers' rights and interests is not in place and other issues are particularly prominent,although there are many experts and scholars also put forward a lot of perfect suggestions or opinions,but still exist in practice In this paper,after discussing the experience of some experts and scholars,the author talks about his own views and opinions on the improvement of the legal system of labor dispatch in China.This paper takes the legal system of labor dispatch as the research object,studies the parts that need to be improved in China's legal system of labor dispatch,and puts forward some relevant suggestions.Specifically,it includes the following four parts:The first part defines the concept of labor dispatch system from its essence,analyzes the unique essential characteristics of labor dispatch system item by item,distinguishes labor dispatch employment from labor contract employment,and finally expounds the value of labor dispatch legal system.This paper gives a relatively complete explanation of the basic theory of the legal system of labor dispatch in China.The second part,this part mainly by focusing on the legislative status of China's labor dispatch legal system and the implementation of the practice to sort out the existing problems,list the author thinks that there are still some problems in the practice of labor dispatch legal system,pave the way for the fourth part of the corresponding improvement suggestions.The third part,this part mainly expounds the legislative suggestions of foreign labor dispatch legal system and the enlightenment to our country.This can also play a certain role in the improvement of the fourth part.The fourth part,which is the most important part of my paper,mainly puts forward suggestions on the improvement of China's labor dispatch legal system,which is divided into four small points,that is,the author proposes to adopt more strict legal system.In order to better adapt to the continuous development and changes of society,four aspects are proposed to improve the labor dispatch system,which are to specify the entry conditions of the labor dispatch industry,to make clear the applicable posts in the labor dispatch system,to standardize equal pay for equal work,and to strengthen government supervision.
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