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Research On Teaching Design Of Junior Middle School Students' Mathematical Problem-solving Ability Training Under Polya's Problem-solving Concept

Posted on:2022-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306779484374Subject:Master of Education
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With the continuous development and progress of society,people pay more and more attention to education."Mathematics Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education(2011 Edition)" points out that the mathematics curriculum in the compulsory education stage is the basic curriculum for cultivating civic qualities,which can lay an important foundation for students' future life,work and study.How to judge students' understanding and mastery of mathematics courses,the most intuitive standard is the pros and cons of mathematics performance.The level of students' mathematical problem-solving ability has a direct impact on mathematics performance.Polya's problem-solving concept are important for optimizing the problem-solving process guiding significance.Therefore,this research combines Polya's problem-solving thought with the teaching of mathematics problem-solving in junior middle schools,guides the teaching design of mathematical problem-solving,optimizes the problem-solving process of students,and improves students' mathematical problem-solving.This research adopts literature research method,questionnaire survey method,interview method and teaching experiment method.The research problem is reflected in three aspects: the real situation of the problem-solving level of the junior middle school students in the T middle school in H city,the problems existing in the problem-solving process,the teacher's understanding of Polya's problem-solving concept and the degree of integration with problem-solving teaching;whether to use Polya's problem-solving thought to propose a problem-solving teaching strategy to improve students' existing problems;whether the problem-solving teaching strategy proposed by Polya's problem-solving thought is effective in improving junior middle school students' mathematical problem-solving ability.The research process is as follows.First,through the questionnaire survey of students,it is found that the problems existing in students' problem-solving are mainly manifested as: the understanding of the problem is in the primary stage;the ability to formulate plans is lacking;passive learning is dominant.Through interviews with teachers,it is found that the problems at the teacher level that are not conducive to the improvement of junior middle school students' problem-solving ability are mainly manifested as: the understanding of Polya's problem-solving concept is at a shallow level;the awareness of taking the initiative to combine Polya's problem-solving concept when explaining problems is weak;problem solving teaching can not guide students to reflect in time.Under the influence of two factors of students and teachers,students' mathematical problem-solving ability is not high.Second,according to the problems found,with the help of Polya's problem-solving concept,four teaching strategies for problem-solving are proposed: how to optimize the habit of reviewing questions and pay attention to the analysis of the meaning of the questions;how to extract effective information and formulate appropriate plans;how to standardize the problem-solving process and improve the problem-solving accuracy;how to review the problem-solving plan and develop the habit of reflection.Third,combine the problem-solving teaching strategy with the problem-solving teaching design,and test whether the problem-solving strategy is effective through the method of teaching practice,the data analysis results prove that the problem-solving teaching strategy under Polya's thought can promote the improvement of junior middle school students' mathematical problem-solving ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Junior middle school mathematics, Polya's problem-solving concept, Mathematical problem-solving ability, Instructional design
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