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Study On The Features Of Naturality Of Mathematical Problem-solving In Middle Schools Under The Literature View

Posted on:2019-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The problem solving natural research is one of the focus of research on mathematical problem solving.Poly proposed in his book how to solving problem that solving solutions should be found by the students themselves.Professor Shan in his book problem research,also reiterated the problem solving should be natural."the ordinary high school curriculum standard experiment textbook" in the "editor's note" clear point that "math is a useful mathematics,is a natural,clearly mathematics".Many scholars wrote lots of articles about problem solving naturalness,but the view is not same,its lack of judgment about mathematics problem-solving naturalness,as suggested by the empirical analysis on the statistical significance.Therefore,the paper major do the statistical research literature to the existing mathematics problem-solving naturalness,summarized and refined more convincing their natural characteristics,and according to the characters of their natural give examples to illustrate the problem solving,and finally give a teaching example design.The main content of the paper is to analyze and summarize the 196 literature by using the text analysis method,there is the five characteristics:?The use of common method: basic knowledge,small span,simple method;?It is in accordance with the students' cognition: the method that students can think of according to the existing knowledge;?To grasp the essence of the problem: students understand the essence of the problem and then go straight to the goal;?Students actively explore: students actively explore the method of discovery;?To optimize the solution of the problem: review the problem solving method.At the end of the paper,two inspirations are given:?To solve the problem to satisfy the natural characteristics;?The teaching of problem solving should be based on nature.
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