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Development Of Festo Nine Station Control System Based On Single Chip Microcomputer

Posted on:2018-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Because of modular production and processing system is the height of the automatic production line simulation,it is a set of the open device controlled by PLC,user can choose according to their own needs of the number,type,unit equipment in the MPS adopted in the experiment of nine workstation.In recent years,with the progress of science and technology,the performance of single-chip microcomputer has been continuously improved,and the price has been getting lower and lower,which has gradually become a hotspot in domestic and international studies.This paper is to study the control of MPS by single-chip microcomputer to achieve better performance and lower price.All experiments were performed on the breadboard during the design of the control system.Since the input and output signal of the original system is 12V voltage,and the SCM work is 5V,the optical coupling and relay are used to isolate the circuit.In the process of realization of new control system,first of all,familiar with the process of MPS for each workstation and the requested action sequence,and then to know more about the transmission path of information between each workstation,and on this basis to determine the sensor input signal in the MPS and PLC output signal of the state,such ability without changing the original mechanical structure mode to add a new control system.In this control system adopted in nine ATmega16 and a STM32 models of single chip microcomputer as control core,respectively in the eight and 32-bit MCU occupy larger share in the market and its performance can completely control the MPS.ATmega16 directly controls each base station of MPS and adopts AVR x operating system dedicated to AVR MCU.The program written on AVRX is simple and efficient and easy to debug.STM32 directly controls all AVR MCU and indirectly controls all base stations.STM32 has an LCD touch screen as an interface for human-computer interaction.STM32 in transplantation UCOS?,STemWin and LWIP,on the basis of realize the function of nine respectively:system update and reset,explanation,startup,timing,Internet,status,version,single-step operation,the system update functionality is STM32 read from the SD card to update the program,then burn through CAN bus to the ATmega16 single chip microcomputer,network function is to achieve the purpose of remote operation via the Internet MPS,timing function is arriving at preset time,the MPS to stop working.Because of the unique advantages and security of CAN bus,the communication between all the base stations and the upper computer in this control system adopts the CAN bus.The design of the whole system not only realizes the function of the original system,but also has the function extension,the human-computer interaction is more friendly,the operation is more convenient.
Keywords/Search Tags:Modular production, Single chip microcomputer, Real-time system, CAN bus, IAP online upgrade, LWIP protocol
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