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Design Of The Single-Chip Microcomputer Auto Alarm System For Railway Crossing

Posted on:2011-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360302973592Subject:Software engineering
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With the continuous development of China's economic construction, transporting industry has been becoming more prosperous and developing rapidly, especially railway operations. The requirements of the speed of trains are increasing. One of the important factors which limit the development of railways is security. So in the modern society it is naturally even more important. The key point of railway safety is the level crossing and at the same time it is the weak point. Therefore, how to improve the safety of railway level crossing is an important issue. This article discusses the present situation of our rail level road crossing, using single-chip microcomputer system to design the coming vehicle automatic warning system for level road crossing and meet the requirements of the railway in China. The system set sensors near the location where the distance approaches the requirement to add functions of automatic notification and automatic discharge. Specifically, the core chip is 89C51 which has high reliability, high degree of popularity, low price and good universality, most importantly easy mastering and learning to control for most technicians. The system gets the coming vehicles information which is collected by orbital sensors on back wheels , and sends notice to the crossing keeper and the people passers-by timely and accurately .So it can provide reliable insurance for the security of high-speed railway traffic and reduce the hidden dangers and accidents.Owing to the bad running environment, we think much of the system running reliability, firmness of device and lightning-proof ability especially in equipment designing of our system.At the same time some strong anti-interference measures also are taken in the software. The design and research of our system can provide timely and accurate message of the crossing to vehicles for staffing and personnel, especially as a significant role in the rain, fog, wind, sand or other bad weather with low visibility. So this system has great values of social significance to be promoted.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Control of single-chip microcomputer, prosition transducer, Auto alarming and removing
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