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Research On The Influence Of College Students' Sports Associations On College Students' Social Adaptability

Posted on:2022-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2519306743483244Subject:Social sports guidance
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Social adaptation is one of the five major objectives of college physical education curriculum.As an effective supplement to college physical education curriculum,college students' sports associations play a crucial role in the cultivation of College Students' social adaptation ability.By using the methods of literature,questionnaire,mathematical statistics and logical analysis,this paper investigates the situation of College Students' participation in college students' sports associations and their social adaptability in Hangzhou.This study demonstrates the role of College Students' sports associations in the improvement of College Students' social adaptability,and analyzes the influence of different factors on the improvement.The main conclusions are as follows:(1)College Students' sports associations can improve their social adaptability.Compared with the college students who did not participate in sports associations,the social adaptability of college students who participated in sports associations was significantly higher,which was mainly reflected in the four dimensions of interpersonal adaptability,environmental adaptability,role adaptability and career choice adaptability.(2)The instructors,leaders in charge and rules and regulations of sports associations are not the main influencing factors of improving college students' social adaptability.(3)The number of college students participating in sports associations,the number of years of participating in sports associations,the frequency of participating in sports association activities,the form of sports association activities and the role of the association can affect the improvement of College Students' social adaptability,and play a role through different dimensions.Based on the above conclusions,this paper puts forward the following suggestions:(1)Strengthen the campus sports atmosphere,strengthen the publicity of sports associations,and attract college students to participate in sports associations.(2)Strengthen the communication and cooperation between relevant departments,improve the quality of Sports Association instructors.(3)Enrich the types of sports associations and encourage students to participate in multiple sports associations.(4)Improve the quality of sports association activities,increase the number of college students to participate in sports associations.(5)Reasonable planning of sports association activities.(6)Sports associations or sports competitions are held regularly.(7)We should encourage college students to participate in the management and organization of sports associations.
Keywords/Search Tags:sport associations of college students, college students, social adaptation
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