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Using Language Transfer Theories To Promote The Foreign Language Teaching In Middle Schools

Posted on:2005-02-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The lack of the scientific understanding of the nature of foreign language teaching (FLT) in middle schools is one of the causes of the low efficiency in FLT. Human languages are a ruling system. There are many similarities among them although the differences exist. The learners who learn a new language always base their foreign language learning on their native language. So acquiring a new language means to form a new language system, while the key to FLT is the reconstruction of a new language system. The process of reconstruction implies a kind of theory called language transfer. Therefore the writer of this "Using Language Transfer Theories to Promote FLT in Middle Schools" tries to search teaching principles and teaching strategies of positive transfer through utilizing language transfer theories.The thesis employs the methods of research, analysis, discussion and illustration. First it explains what language transfer is , then studies the historical background of causing language transfer, classification of language transfer and some factors which affect language transfer. Finally it proposes some teaching principles and strategies of promoting positive transfer in FLT. The points of the paper are on the basis of the discussion of the conception, historical background , classification of language transfer and factors affecting language transfer, the writer puts forward teaching principles and strategies according to the actual situation in FLT. The main principles include (1) taking advantages of the mother tongue; (2) reasonably arranging teaching contents; (3) correctly treating students' mistakes or errors; (4) clearing up learners' mental barriers. The main strategies are (1) activating students with new teaching materials and explaining profound theories; (2) creating classroom atmosphere and stimulating students' association; (3) making comparison and analysis and focusing special language difficulties; (4)changing the patterns of thought and putting the new knowledge into practice. These principles and strategies are the contributions this paper makes.The study of language transfer has become hot spots among the language educators. The present writer doesn't want to impose her interpretations or suggestions on others. It is only hoped that the author's results will be considered as anotherworthwhile source of ideas which can bring enlightenments and offer experiences or methods that can be used by her colleagues.
Keywords/Search Tags:language transfer, reconstruction, positive transfer, negative transfer, principles, strategies
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