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Mendelssohn Six Piano Prelude And Fugue "op.35 Musical Styles And Teaching Research

Posted on:2011-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Romantic first few years is the intersection of classical and romantic period, this period there was also the first generation of composers classical philosophy, composer of classical forms of trying to coordinate with the romantic feelings, they absorb the application of the classical period many factors, and continued the previous creative expression. Mendelssohn in 1829, especially in command and performed Bach's "Matthew Passion", the Romantic composers to imitate their predecessors created a cantata, Fugue and other works, there a lot of retro in form creation. Mendelssohn fugue is a romantic musical product of the transition process is the composer in the classical form of the expression of inner emotional work. This article tries to four to Mendelssohn's "Six Preludes and Fugues" OP.35 analysis, hoping this works a more comprehensive and objective understanding.In the first chapter is devoted to Mendelssohn's life and art of the Concept of environmental factors on the growth path of Mendelssohn's own music and background music environment, a more comprehensive understanding.The second chapter of the Prelude and Fugue in origin, from the "Prelude," "Fugue" and the combined set of "Prelude and Fugue," two is an overview of the origin and development; after the return to Mendelssohn's " Prelude and Fugue, "he summed up the aesthetic value of creation of this genre and structural characteristics.The third chapter features from classical and romantic style of the two aspects of Mendelssohn's "Prelude and Fugue" OP.35 analysis and research, demonstrates the features of this style of music works - with the duality of classical and romantic style.The final chapter the author provides a detailed analysis of Mendelssohn's "Prelude and Fugue" OP.35 the first of the first, from the first work of musical form, performance, and other issues of teaching tips.
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