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Research Of Simulation Framework And Implement Strategy On Driver, Vehicle, Highway And Environment System

Posted on:2004-11-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360095957403Subject:Road and Railway Engineering
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Highway is a complex system engineering which consists of driver, vehicle, highway and environment. The highway design is affected by different kinds of factors. The unsuccessful design of an important engineering would bring a huge economical expense to our country. Now the way which can guarantee the quality of highway design depends on the experience of experts. So this way cannot evaluate the highway design scientifically. This paper, combining the characters of highway and simulation technology, puts forward a research project which is driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system in order to solve above issues.Based on the requirement of highway design and the development of highway CAD software, the idea of cooperating driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation with design is first put forward. By analyzing applied characters of simulation in highway design and studying the requirements of structure, function and data, Cooperation frameworks based on data file and component-software bus are established which is important to develop a cooperation system.A time-changing characteristic model of driver, vehicle, highway and environment is established which is the basic work to express the simulation state and to organize the simulate flow. This paper defines the driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system as a hybrid system and analyses the simulation characters and the key technology from the point of view of the hybrid system and time-changing character. Further more the requirement of framework of simulation system is put forward by summarizing the characters of simulation system.Based on the characters of driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system, it is defined as the integrated simulation system and the principle of program and mode of integrated has been studied on. The theory and method of Multi-Agent is imported to system development so that it explores a new way to achieve the intelligent software. An integrated framework of driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system based on multi-agent is developed in order to conquer the problems of interactivity, intelligent and self-rule. The structure of agents and theachievement method of agents is studied which is important to finish the driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system.The idea of application of Petri net to organize the simulation procedure is proposed. Considering the time-changing character, a generalization hybrid Petri nets is established to solve the problem that the classic Petri net cannot express the time-changing state. Further more the general GHSPN model of driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation system is established that is the basic work of detail Petri net establishment.By analyzing the requirement of simulation and the framework, an Object-Relational data model which adapts to driver, vehicle, highway and environment simulation is established and the mapping principle and achieving method is studied on. The Client/Server architecture based on COM is put forward which can guarantee the easy-management, safety and consistency of data. The formalization expresses of experiment framework and simulation model are built up.
Keywords/Search Tags:highway, simulation, driver, vehicle, highway and environment, cooperation design, component-software bus, hybrid system, time-changing character model, Multi-Agent, distribute intelligence, generalization hybrid Petri nets, Object-Relational data model
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