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Study On Reliability Generalized Characteristic And Applications Of Structure In Undreground

Posted on:2004-03-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:F C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360095962131Subject:Safety Technology and Engineering
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Generalized characteristic, description system, assessment system of reliability is studied based on basis characters of reliability in underground structure to aim at design reliability, made reliability, running reliability in underground structure. This thesis sets forth the whole journey control thoughts and methods of the reliability based on design reliability, made reliability and running reliability in underground structure. Unsound complexion, which design, construction and management is out of joint is altered, namely design reliability is high, made reliability is low and management reliability is unfit. Decision-making and monitoring objective of systematization communication standardization visibility is put forward and gradually realized. Design, made and management program of reliability in underground structure is given. Concrete aspects mentioned above are researched and get theoretic as well as practical conclusions.Basis concepts of ranks and classification methods of reliability in underground structure are brought forward. Probability distribution model is established as well as solution by square approach principle in inner space. Ideas of level life reliability and life reliability grad are also given and relation between structure life and reliability is founded. Concept, index and express forms of dynamic reliability in underground structure are concerned. Relation between made capital and running cost and design rule are discussed. Fuzzy optimization method is used to establish optimizing design model. Concept of made reliability is given. Men error concept, style and assessment method is studied. Assurance system is set up to aim at bolting system and assessment ways and system.Support resistance scope is given based on instability principle probe into metamorphosis mechanism and running characteristic of reliability by catastrophe theory. The probability model, non-probability model of frame support structure and synthesis factors model of running reliability reflecting structure, made and management are expressed by information entropy. Management reliability model in underground structure is set up by entropy theory. Dynamic characteristic of reliability in underground structure is analyzed by chaos theory to establish prediction model. Single parameter assessment methods and models are given by mapping. Synthesis parameter assessment methods and practical application are given by artificial neural networks method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Reliability in underground structure, Generalized characteristic of reliability, Design reliability, Made reliability, Running reliability, Information entropy of reliability, Chaos characteristic of reliability
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