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Intelligent Building And Correlation Softeware Technologies--Research On Middleware For Mobile Distributed Network

Posted on:2004-12-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360122960988Subject:Computer software and theory
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With the development of Intelligent Building, the fundamental change of the information technology and hardware, people more and more tend to use mobile device to get the Internet service and Intelligent Home service. These raise a great need for further research of the mobile system in Intelligent Building,Our research project started from 1999, its aim is to provide a application-oriented development tools for intelligent building and intelligent home, people can retrieval the services of intelligent building and home system through the tools in anytime, anywhere and anyway. The middleware technology is a design platform for development the applications, which can be easy to scalable. We design and implement a middleware model, which inosculate the traditional middleware concept and suitable to the advanced system/service requirement. The main research works and specific contributions found in this thesis covers the following aspects:1. In this paper we first propose a middleware model called MIDC (middleware in internet distributed computing) according to the characteristics of mobile computing and Internet service. It can provide the global ubiquitously service for the user since the middleware takes the openness and standardization as the development standard.2. Led by the characteristic of mobile agent to development the open and common framework, MIDC take the mobile agent as the software standard. Led by the method of object-oriented and the level of abstract of mobile agent, the communication model of MIDC is good at the distributed system and mobile network, it is natural to use the soul of mobile agent of distributed and mobile ideology in MIDC.3. Based on studying characteristics of CORBA, MASIF and FIPA, this thesis provides comprehensive interoperability between mobile agent and theses standardization. By provide the object of CORBA with mobile power; the object can use the service and resource of each other. The interoperability offers the method to use the traditional system and supply common service. Moreover, itbrings a confidence to use the new software technology of mobile agent.4. The thesis gives the on-time monitoring and distributed network management method. For the reasons of reduce the load of network, increasing the capability of system scalability, and monitoring the system parameters in heterogeneous platform, the method use Java and mobile agent technologies to show the reformation and breakthrough with the Client/Server. This module can integrate with telecommunication network management, which uses CORBA as its management architecture.5. The rapid increasing of the performance of mobile device impels us to provide people the ubiquitous computing ability. Use the method of User Virtual Environment(UVE), Mobile Virtual Terminal(MVT) and Virtual Resource Management(VRM), the thesis provide the mobile access service for user and device.Based on these researches, the thesis implements a framework used in intelligent home. It presents some applications that have been applied in the building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intelligent Home, MIDC middleware, mobile agent, CORBA, interoperability, network management, mobile access service
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