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Research On Key Technologies Of Networked Manufacturing Based On Web Services

Posted on:2004-12-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360122980039Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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The rapid development of information technology is bringing both opportunities and challenges to networked manufacturing. So, it is necessary to enrich the theory & technology of networked manufacturing with novel knowledge and technology steadily, hence a full-energy, sustainable-development and up-to-date networked manufacturing.Networked manufacturing is a distributed, isomerous, weak coupling intelligent system. Besides the advanced manufacturing technology and theory, a series of correlative technologies are required to the implement of networked manufacturing, especially the technologies of distributed computing, information integration and artificial intelligent etc. Aiming at their limitations, the paper reconstructed the key supporting technologies employing the last network technologies and protocols, and established a new architecture of networked manufacturing. Finally, the demonstrational researches are conducted with "flexible design and manufacturing system of key parts in large-scale antenna" as prototype.The distributed computing platform available of networked manufacturing is constructed with the distributed object technologies such as CORBA, DCOM, RM1 etc, but those RPC modules bring obstacles to the development of global manufacturing due to their limitations. Based on the next generation Internet core protocol of Web Services and its relevant technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI, a novel solution of Global-Oriented Distributed Computing for networked manufacturing is put forward. The solution, which featured with distributed, isomerous, weak coupling and soft framework, enables enterprises and their partners to cooperate remotely more conveniently under the mode of multi-platform or/and multi-language, hence a genuine Global-Oriented Networked Manufacturing.Enterprises adopt different software systems, which put out various-format data at the different stages of product lifecycle, which results a problem of how to communicate data and recognize information among allied enterprises. The key to the problem is to realize the coherent description. Aiming at the shortcomings of manufacturing information description method-STEP/EXPRESS while applied to Internet, the paper constructed the Product Data Markup Language Based-XML-Schema which has the advantage of the unique expression and well-structure, and gave the mapping rules from EXPRESS to XML and STEP Part21 to XML. Furthermore, the information integration solution of networked manufacturing based on XML/STEP/PDM is researched.Multi-agent of distributed artificial intelligence is an effective approach to depict the characteristics of networked manufacturing system. With the advanced technologies and protocols such as Web Services and XML, Multi-Agent model, representation, communication, scheduling and others of networked manufacturing is researched and reconstructed, Agent coherence reference model and agent representation is proposed, and MAS architecture and its communication mechanism are studied.Finally, with background of "flexible design and manufacturing system of key parts in large-scale antenna", a laboratorial prototype of networked manufacturing system is established, the demonstrational researches about its system structure, architecture model, information integration and MAS model are conducted employing the methods and technologies proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Networked Manufacturing, Web Services, XML, Multi-Agent, Large-scale Antenna
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