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Research On Integration And Data Processing Of Engineering Structural Remote Health Monitoring System

Posted on:2007-12-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360185484536Subject:Structural engineering
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The dissertation mainly researched the integration technology of engineering structural remote health monitoring system, data sharing technology between different application softwares and data processing technology, those technology are the fore research field of engineering structural health monitoring. The succession of the study has laid the theoretic and testing foundation for the engineering application of structural health monitoring system. The research will have remarkable engineering industrial value and produce great social and economic profit.Combining the development in sensor network technology, computer network technology and communication technology and taking the characteristics of large-scale engineering structural health intelligent monitoring technology into consideration, the dissertation put forward integration technology of a new distributed integrating plan of online structural health intelligent monitoring system which is based on wire sensor network. The plan realized synchronous sensor sampling with multisensors, reached the destination goal of structural real-time heath intelligent monitoring and ensured the safety service of large-scale structure.An original experimental laboratory platform for large-scale engineering structural intelligent monitoring system has been studied and developed, which integrates electricity system and optical fibre grating system. It realized synchronous sampling with multisensors, unified data management and real-time data exchange between different software platforms. This platform provides a test platform for structural damage diagnosis and structural health monitoring. Damage diagnosis algorithm to be researched can be tested by this platform before applied to engineering project. This platform provided test support for studying of structural damage diagnosis technology, made a breakout in the test technology of engineering structural damage diagnosis in the domestic field.An engineering structural health intelligent monitoring system has been constructed for the roof of Shenzhen Civic Center that is the biggest space truss structure in the world. The data sharing and database management technology in the distributed remote monitoring system are also studied and developed. This system realized real-time health monitoring for the biggest and most complex space truss structure in the world.The data processing method of large-scale engineering structural health...
Keywords/Search Tags:Structural health monitoring, Virtual instruments technology, Distributed monitoring, Database technology, Digital filter, System integration technology
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