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Study On Management Technology And Models For Pinus Massoniana Resin Stands In Guangxi

Posted on:2010-02-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1103360275967346Subject:Forest management
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It can be said that the operation of resin-tapping p.massoniana forest and resin industry have relatively strong advantages and potential for development in Guangxi.On the other hand,there is also a lot of difficulties and problems.Under such circumstance,how to run the resin-tapping p.massoniana forest properly and how to promote the sustainable development of resin industry in Guangxi is an urgent and important issue to be solved.The study provides a theoretical basis and technical support mining methods and technology for a direction to forest p.massoniana and sustainable management.The main research results are as follows:1.P.massoniana stands of tree tapping must have inhibited the use of growth.40%and 50%load rate cut surface of 15a,20a and 25a of health p.massoniana stands for resin tapping,tree tapping DBH stands an average annual growth of 14.9%~41.3%decline in tree growth,an average annual tree height growth of 7.5%~18.9%decline in tree growth and wood volume an average annual growth of 12.3%~36.2%decline in tree growth.the same stand age,diameter at breast height and volume growth and height growth in the average age of senior forest tree decline in the average growth rate with increasing load rate cut noodle large and increasing,but the ripe age of stands near the tree height growth decline was not obvious.2.Temperature are the main climatic factors on affecting resin yield of p.massoniana stands.The resin yield of tapping tree in p.massoniana changes with temperature,which is very clear.General speaking,the production of resin increases as the temperature increases.The effect of rainfall and sunshine hours on resin yield of p.massoniana is not so obvious as that of the temperature,but to ensure that the rainfall must improve to be effective in pine forest in the relative temperature,reduce the solidification rate of the resin is conducive to improve the flow rate of resin and come to the production purpose.The number of hours of sunshine mutual influence rainfall,and the increasing of the sunshine hours will help improve resin production when the rainfall is basically the same as before.3.Diameter at breast height is the important factors on affecting resin yield of p.massoniana stands.The output of the resin increased with the increasing of diameter at breast height;different age stands,diameter at breast height on the resin production of the impact of varying levels of resin.The impact of the tree height to the resin yield is not so significant as the diameter at breast height,and its impact on the resin yield is indirectly reflected in the live crown high on this factor.In the same age, the output of the resin increases with the increasing of crown height ratio.The impact of the tree canopy and the crown on the output of the resin is obvious,and the output of the resin increases by increasing of the tree canopy and the area of crown.It is said that the output of the resin is the result of the comprehension.The principle of the mutual impact of diameter at breast height and live tree crown heigth is significant,which effects on the output of the resin in different tree age stands.4.The fertilization to mature trees of the low-resin-yield has no great effect in resin production, however,it opposites to the trees close to the mature.In order to get great benefits,the owner of the resin trees should have a good knowledge of the fertilization and take measure to improve the output. In addition,the study found that fertilization is good to the growth of the low-resin-yield trees stands which are suffering from the harmful insects.It is better to recovery and growth of the p.massoniana's leaves to add N.5.We know that the impact of forest stand density is the main factor of the crown development of the production,it also affects the resin yield of p.massoniana's tree tapping.The resin yield increases as the density increases,when the production capacity of resin comes to the maximum,it reduces as the density increases,but the average yield per plant in resin increases with the reduction in density. In the main resin producing area,the ripe age of p.massoniana's tapping retains 600/hm~2~700/hm~2 operating density,resin productivity per unit area stands high economic efficiency and good business.6.According to the general study of the p.massoniana's tapping techniques,it points out that the cut surface loading rate of p.massoniana tree tapping is significantly affected in resin production.In the same age and density,with loading rate of tree tapping increasing,the resin yield increases.The study found that the cut surface loading rate had a great effect on resin production,young trees are more sensible than the old ones.The shorter the cut interval,the more resin secretion.In the same age and density,production of resin reduces with the interval cut increasing.The study also found that interval cut also affects resin yield,young trees are more sensible than the old ones.Based on the findings at the first p.massoniana's tree tapping,the use of medium-aged forest with 40%cut surface loading rate cut every two days and the use of nearly-mature forest with 50%cut surface loading rate cut every two days not only can reduce the labor intensity of tree tapping and gain better economic efficiency, but also can save trees cut surface,and extend tree tapping operating life.7.It results a conclusion like this on studying,the resin yield depends on diameter at breast height,and the results are satisfied with our target in diffferent operations method.Using the Com pound model and S-type model,the resin yield gets higher prediction accuracy.The first time,on the other hand,the table of resin yield prediction was have been figured in east-south area of GuangXi.8.A analysis about its economic value onto resin-tapping p.massoniana forest.It causes more wealth while we obtain the rosin year and year in a certain operating time.The certain incomes of 40a and cut 16a resin-tapping p.massoniana forest will lead 47.6%more than that of the no-resin forest, while 1.16 percentage more income in the inner financial reports.9.It takes an advantage to a scandle-run onto resin-tapping p.massoniana forest in Guangxi after a research and study,and it raises a model called 4- all for one,part for one and so on.Running the models over-called,the sources of rosin could be supplied currently,the peasants could plant the trees and obtain the rosin sequently schedually,the suppliers and manufacturers could share the vantages and lead a mutual-profit result,the costs of the manufacturers will be cut down,and the resources of rosin could be confirmed by the related offices.Thus,we can keep developing the rosin industries, obtain and keep a larger market in the international competition.
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