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Integration Of Germany And EU Security And Defense: Role And Function

Posted on:2015-04-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The European security and defense integration is an important part of Europeanintegration. It is a process during which EU countries gradually realize the integrationof defense, and eventually realize common defense by establishing supranationalsecurity and defense mechanism, developing common defense force and othermeasures. The European security and defense integration is different from nationalsecurity and defense cooperation. It focuses on building supranational mechanismsfrom the initial stage, which includes many integration genes. But in practice, theEuropean security and defense integration is mainly realized by common policy of EUcountries. The framework of EU’s common policy in the field of defense, which hasbeen evolving and deepening, is the common foreign and security policy (CFSP).Common security and defense policy (CSDP) is an important part of CFSP.In general, Germany has been an important participant and promoter of the EUdefense integration. Germany(West Germany in the cold war)has been playing animportant role and making important contributions in many fields and all stages in theprocess of European security and defense integration. This is mainly embodied inthese three aspects: First, Germany has been an important promoter and keycoordinator in the process of the establishment of EU security and defense integrationframework, also an important propeller for the constant evolution and improvement ofEU’s common policy in the area of security and defense. Second, Germany has beenan important participant in the construction of EU common security and defenseintegration. Germany led and pushed the EU nations to establish and improve system,mechanism, and institutions that related to the security and defense integration.Germany also has been an important participant in the EU military capacity building,has been one of the main contributors to the EU independent defense force. Third,Germany has been an important participant in the EU foreign intervention. Germanytook part in almost every important EU foreign intervention, and has a high rank onthe number of troops and the actual contribution in EU foreign intervention.Germany’s foreign intervention has been restrained, selective, discreetly and implemental, which shows obvious German character.Germany has been playing a role which showed significant stage characteristicsin European security and defense integration process. From vulnerable participantduring the cold war to the key coordinator during the CFSP start-up period, fromactive promoter in ESDP process to the weak leader in CSDP process, Germany’s rolehas been changing, which on the whole is rising. But due to the military limitationsand the power competition among the EU’s three giants, Germany’s role has beenrestricting in the process of European security and defense integration.
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