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The Evolution And Future Prospects Of EU Defense Integration

Posted on:2018-10-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330536456707Subject:International relations
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This thesis explores the process and the prospect of EU's defence integration.The purpose is to analyze why the EU's defence integration is progressing at a slow pace and what the future EU defence integration will look like.The European Union represents a uniquely successful endeavor to overcome rivalries,disputes and wars among its members.The EU has been the world's most powerful,richest and most influential capitalist democracy in the late 20 th century.And now,in the 21 st century,the EU realizes that it needs to play the same influence in the international political and security issues like it does in the international economic arena.In low politics which is not as sensitive as high politics,such as agriculture,competition,science and technology,education,trade,currencies it has reached a high degree of integration.However,defense and security is hard nut to crack because of their sensitivity and particularity.Independent defence has been the dream of the European Union.Developing independent military force and reaching defence integration are not only the strong “DNA” requests,but also the goal EU has been pursuing for many years.After a period of rapid development since the ending of Cold War,the European Union slowed down again owing to the financial crisis in 2008.In addition,the impact of Brexit has not fully demonstrated yet and there are still uncertainties and variables of the EU's defence integration.How to reduce the gap between the expectations and ability is one of the main issues the EU has to deal with.This article will proceed from the historical evolution,the present situation and the future prospect of the EU defence integration.Considering the achievements and setback of the European defense integration since the Second World War,the present situation and the development level of the EU defense integration,the future development of EU defense integration,it concludes that the EU does not own the historical basis,external environment,public opinion basis and national willing of developing into a high-level defense integration organization.The future of the EU defence integration will be under the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy(CFSP)and the Common Security and Defense Policy(CSDP).Strengtheningdefense cooperation,joint anti-terrorism,military cooperation,even common army is on the future plan.The Brexit brought both uncertainty and opportunity for the the EU defense integration.All in all,the future of EU defence integration is not smooth one,multi-game around this issue will continue bothering the European Union.
Keywords/Search Tags:the European Union, Defence Integration, Common Security and Defence Policy, Brexit, European Army
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