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Research On The Development Power Of Common Foreign And Security Policy In European Union

Posted on:2010-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360272999260Subject:International politics
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European integration has experienced a development of more than half a century, and economic integration has made some remarkable achievements,but its political integration process has unprecedented challenges on the Westphalia system and thus attracts worldwide attention.The European political integration process under the foundation of Europe to a new model in certain areas is beyond the sovereign state model,and explores the new direction of the international political development. Common Foreign and Security Policy(referred to CFSP) as the second pillar of the League play an vital role on development of European political integration.The "Maastricht Treaty" that entered into force in 1993 provided for the "determination to implement a common foreign and security policy,including a common defense policy that could be timely developed to the act of common defense,thus to enhance European identity and independence,to promote the European and world peace,security and progress,"solemnly declared to the world the emergence of CFSP.Before the CFSP,the European political integration has gone through a long course of development,the results very little.The political cooperation in Europe has experienced 40 years until 1990s.The establishment of political union efforts such as the European Defense Community,the European Political Community,Fouchet Plan have failed,and the Luxembourg Report and the Copenhagen Report were dull in the role of political cooperation.Until 1987 the "Single European Act" only to make people saw the first line of faint dawn in European political integration.Generally speaking,the process of European political cooperation suffered multiple setbacks before 1990s,and the European political integration was ahead under the pressure of the huge difficulties. The CFSP established the clear objectives,gradually reformed the decision-making mechanism,and strengthened operational capacity,basically realized "to speak with one voice" and recognized by the international community.However,it must be admitted that,compared to the development of European economic integration,CFSP relatively is slow and weak in the state.In the conflict between free and bound,despite the CFSP encountered one obstacle after another,often being frustrated,Europe has never set aside the target,and has never stopped the efforts of innovation.The development of the CFSP shows that the propelled support of CFSP comes mainly from the two major areas:the International system and the European integration, which are showing the diverse features.Through the effects among the international situation,the major countries in Europe and the European political elite,the development of CFSP is placed in the structure similar to Structural Realism and European find a decisive systematic factors for the development of CFSP.Combing through the process of European integration,we can explore the CFSP-propelled force from three aspects of economic,institutional,and military.By comparing European economic integration and political integration process,we can find out that the European economic interdependence affects on political trust and cooperation,and explore the linked relationship between the development of the CFSP and the functional spillover of the neo-functionalism.We can explore the effectiveness of the mechanism from the course of the development from the arising to CFSP's slow development and paint the effectiveness of the mechanism expanded gradually under the framework of the liberal institutionalism.Finally,the twisted development of the European self-defense indeed provides rigid support for the development of CFSP.The above two main clues outline the multi-propelled force that supports CFSP to break the ice.The reasons that the development of CFSP repeatedly is frustrated are that,from internal operations,the EU constitution broken down in recent years,the European defense building being in a state of near-stagnation,the reform of CFSP decision-making mechanism blocked and other issues often seriously restricting the further development of CFSP;from the outside actions,every difficult incidents of the international community such as the Kosovo's independence,Chad peacekeeping, operations in Afghanistan,the Iranian nuclear crisis,the Somali pirates are behind the shadow of the EU,but what the EU can do to make the common foreign and security statement is few,not to mention the joint action.I reveal the reality of the reasons for power shortage of the development of CFSP from three aspects:three pairs of CFSP inherent contradictions,the existence of its own regime and the multiple resistances to the European defense.The current international situation is in the period of transition,the new features of multi-polar international system indicate the differentiation and reorganization of the international pattern.Therefore,any multi-polar has the potential to become a pole in the center of force can easily lose this opportunity to strengthen their own forces which will inevitably seek to get the lead of the political status of the international situation. Under the international situation,the political will of the European Union to seek a dominant position is very strong.Any one of the European countries can become a separate pole of the pattern.Only when the emergence of Europe as a whole,can the European occupy the essential status in the future. Therefore,the EU is actively preparing for this long-term,and speeding for the development of the EU as a whole.In the CFSP,the efforts to build a common foreign affairs and self-defense have never been stopped.Strengthening policy coordination, occupying a very critical role as a joint strong pattern of Europe in the world,this strategy has become the guiding strategy for CFSP in the continuous operation of the CFSP.This strategy is in line with the long-term national interests of member states and is agreed with by the EU member states.It is foreseeable that there are contradictions within the EU can be diluted with the situation of growing more and more strong of Europe and the continuous development of the European Union overall strategy. Therefore,we have reason to look the development of CFSP cautiously and optimistic in the future.To be sure,CFSP will continue to deepen its development as the European integration will continue to deepen its process.
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