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The Unit, Link And Operation Of The International System

Posted on:2016-12-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The "complex giant system" in the international system theory are involved and described varying degrees by schools of international relations theory. Although various theory schools are learning from each other and integrating mutually, there are differences on perspectives, levels, contents, conceptions and so on, which are even contradictory. They study on the same object of the international system, but they result in a completely different theoretical description. Placing different recognition results under a unified conceptual framework to form a comprehensive and accurate description for the international system theory, is it going to work? This thesis attempts to present results integrated in international relations theory. It is guided by the theory of self-organization, the thesis will preliminary build a concept description which can reflect the international system.Nations are the main units of the international system. The theoretical understanding of naions is prior to the understanding of international relations and the international system. Based on all kinds of theory on nation state, the thesis saw the nation as a logical existence and evolution mechanism of "self-organization". It did theoretical summary and description on the sides of connotation, function, dynamic evolution for the nation. Next, The thesis summarized the international relations that combined all the international engagement behavior of economic, political, cultural, military and other multi-dimensional communication. While, the international relations based on the nation has its own strength, interests and international morality. In the international communications, the nation is restricted not only by the objective law on social basis, communication ability and exchange coupling, but also by subjective and initiative on its own values, and the trade-off strategy and feedback. Upon completion the abstract theoretical analysis of the nation and international relations, the thesis made a description on the operation of the international system. At the system level, the international order is the core concept of international system. The theme of the times, the international system and the role are the basis framework of the international order. The characteristics, the maintenance of the order and the construction of the concept are the basic form of the international system. In addition to these static aspects, the international order changes dynamic in a certain way and a certain mechanism. The theoretical description on unit, the link and the running system for international system is completed. The thesis presented a three-dimensional concept model of "self-organization" for international system. This is not a thorough analysis of the international system, but to outline a painting to the international system.Finally, with the conceptual model constructed, the thesis gave a general summary for the history of the international system and analyzed the change trend. The thesis argues that the contemporary international system has opened a comprehensive and profound change. The breadth and depth of the qualitative change is no less than the transformation history from feudal kingdom system to the modern international system. The current international system is showing a double trends into the “integration" and the "fragmentation".
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