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Resolve Of The U.s. Hegemony

Posted on:2004-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360092986785Subject:Political Theory
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The hegemony and hegemonic is the research lesson of the international politics and international relations theories importance one of. In this respect, time that domestic and international expert noted the large quantified with the scholar proceeds with energy specialized of research and study, and obtained for the research result of the maturity and plenty.Since twenty century, of economic world, politic many pole, culture diversification hand over with each other function, together constituted the complicated and complicated age background. History that here background the bottom, hegemony and hegemonic appeared the new development with change. The world big country, the United States that conduct and actions behind rise borrow the machine of the two world wars, and the quickly rise to the "world lord". Speak from the certain meaning, and the contemporary and international politics and international relations can call the United States to seek the world hegemony and promote the hegemonic history. Therefore, research with study the United States hegemony the problem to have important of theories with practice the meaning. This text try from the hegemony and hegemonic theories to commence, put great emphasis on the resolution the United States hegemony and its hegemony the principle, in order to in the theories level more completely. Accurate comprehension and hold the United States hegemony with the hegemonic innate character, for rightly handle with resolve the China-U.S. relations problem to provide some suggestions.The thesis is divided into three parts launch the treatise, the first part of explain the inside of the hegemony theories and the regulation of the hegemony the rise and fall; The second part put great emphasis one to analyze the formation, manifestation of the united states hegemony with the characteristic, and the comedown and innate character of the United States hegemony; The part of the third bring upped the United Stateshegemony shows and under the United States hegemony the term how to handle with the problem of resolving the China-U.S. relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hegemony, The United States hegemony, International order, China-U.S. relations, International politics and international relations
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