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The Shaping Of Political Parties In Long - Term Ruling Conditions

Posted on:2016-11-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330461968625Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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Image of a Political Party could be beautiful, ugly, good or bad, which is the prerequisite decides whether the party maintains close ties with the masses, supported and identified by the voters and people. People delivery diversified, irrational, emotional and informal commends to real political issues nowadays, especially in the dual condition of information exploration and political apathy, therefore the political party image of a party brings significant information resource for the mass and voters to evaluate and perceive. In this article, from both theoretical and empirical aspects, the author focus on comprehensive researching in the field of political party image and political party image building on specific long-ruling condition.There are six chapters, in the chapter one, states the major research concept and methods. In the second chapter, describes political party image theoretically in detail. Talking about relative concepts of political party image, type classification and characteristics, especially, designs a new theoretical frame and establishes four new analysis models for political party image based on real political environment. In the chapter three, implementation of political party image building, states four functional values, three foundation factors and three-step implementation procedure for political party image building. In the chapter four, political party image-building case study, analyses failure reasons of Communist Party of the Soviet Union( CPSU), Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party( LDP), The Taiwan Kuomintang,Indonesia Golkar, India Congress victory, PRI and successful experience of Cuba’s Communist Party, Singapore People’s Action Party, United Russia in political formation. In the fifth chapter, historical traces of the Communist Party of China image building. Focus on eight periods during partial ruling stage and full ruling stage, studies positive and negative experiences of political party image building. In the chapter six, the Communist Party of China image building exploration. This chapter summaries historical experience and real difficulties in political party image building and suggests utilize equal proportion optimal three three system model to build the Communist Party of China’s good image.
Keywords/Search Tags:Image Politics, Party Image, Loop Distribution, Equal Proportion Optimal, The Communist Party of China
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