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A Study Of The Party 's Social Leadership In The New Media

Posted on:2016-07-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330461968639Subject:Doctrine of the party and party building
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To enhance the party’s social leadership is an inherent requirement to consolidate the party’s basis, an inevitable move to improve the party’s governing ability, and a major theoretical issue and practical problem that our party have been concerned. The degree of the implementation of the party’s social leadership is closely connected with specific social conditions. Since the middle of the twentieth century,especially entered the new century,the rapid development of the information of the new media has a profound impact on people’s way of thinking and living habits. The revolutionary changes of modes of transmission and ways of communication make the new media and politics more closely,so the internet politics has emerged. Political parties,which root in and meet the needs of society,has become a basic trend of development of political parties. In this context,for the governing party that shoulders the responsibility of leadership to realize China’s reform and opening up and modernization----the Communist Party of China,the new media has become the new means of governing for the people, and how to guide and control the society become the major issue the party had to face.In the new media era that everyone has his own voice,to improve CPC’s leadership is an important issue in both theory and practice perspectives. Therefore, the thesis uses several ways to make a research, including interdisciplinary research method, comparative research method, theoretical research and empirical research, and literature and online literature, etc. The paper consists of three parts, including introduction, six chapters and a conclusion.The introduction part includes why to choose this topic, significance of the topic, research status, research ideas, research methods, difficulties and innovations of this research.The first chapter elaborates the related theory of social leadership of the party. The party itself as a political organization mainly services to political objectives through political way and political means, but the political objectives essentially reflect certain social relations. The degree of realization of the function of a political party depends on a variety of conditions, including the effectiveness of the party to serve the society. Therefore, a party needs to lead the direction of social development based on the internal and external environment changes in order to achieve the party’s goals. Leadership skills should be a return of the essence of leadership, and the party’s leadership is the ability that the party to lead social development. As a special kind of political organization, the achievement of leadership includes two ways of the power of leadership and non-power of leadership. Under the background that peace and development have become the themes of our time, the non-power leadership is more likely to contribute to the realization of social leadership. The process of the improvement and realization of a party’s social leadership has the following characteristics, such as dynamic, systematic, targeted and interactive.The second chapter describes the impact of new media on party’s social leadership. New media is a product of the information age. With nonlinear and interaction, abundant information and shared resource, immediate and openness, and hypertext and personalization, it has a profound impact on the development of party politics. The reason contacting both new media and political parties is that the essence of the relationship embodies the relationship between political party and society. As an important power resource, new media becomes a new platform for managing state affairs. For our party, the development of the new media provides technical support for the party to serve the society, and the same time new media undertakes the following functions, such as promoting the social mainstream ideology, developing the interest expression and political participation, playing to the supervisory power and preventing the aberrance, maintaining social stability and reducing the cost of management, etc. It is a trend that our party to adapt to the new development of new media. As for our party, we must establish the scientific ruling idea, adhere to the ruling purpose of governing for the people, stick to the ruling character of keeping pace with the times, uphold the ruling mentality of democracy and tolerance, initiative to adapt to the development of new media, and draw lessons from experience of foreign parties to deal with the new media era.The third chapter elaborates the internet public opinion under the new media environment and the ways the party to guide public opinion. The dissemination rule and characteristic of internet public opinion are based on the generation, development, degradation, and dissemination of public opinion, and it presents characteristics such as concealment and diversity in the aspect of subject, the variety and irrationality in the contents, short-term and spontaneity and reality the formation, and diversification in the media. We should see that the internet public opinion bears the functions of supervision, guidance and communication. It is necessary to enhance the party’s capability of properly guiding the public opinion in the new period, we should correctly understand the relationship of public opinion both in reality and internet, enhance the leadership and the right to speak in the internet ideology, establish a scientific and effective mechanism to guide the development of the internet public opinion, and dialectically and inclusively look upon internet negative and irrational opinion.The fourth chapter elaborates politics by internet and how our party gathers public opinion to improve the level of scientific decision-making. Politics by internet and supervision by internet are the product of the new media era, both of them are important contents of the socialist democracy. Politics by internet is the new channel of system remedy, and it is conducive to eliminate “blind” and “dead” of the social problems, and to promote the internet public opinion into public’s reality needs. Supervision by internet can also contribute to make decision-making more scientific and democratic, becomes an effective form of mass political participation, and an important way to restrict the abuse of public power. Under the new media environment, Politics by internet and supervision by internet are facing irrationality from our netizens, the polarization phenomenon from internet group,informational distortion from internet, absence of law from internet specification, decentralized internet issues, fragmented internet contents, and unequal problems from participation in the main bodies and the structures of netizens, etc. These problems affect benign interactions between the party and the society. We need to adopt a variety of measures to solve various problems about politics by internet and supervision by internet, such as to strengthen power restriction and supervision in the process of power operation in order to make power operation more scientific, to promote the legalization of internet activities in order to make internet administration and supervision more orderly, to increase transparency in party affairs and government administration in order to make political operation more transparent, and to carry out poverty alleviation in terms of information and economy in order to make expression channels more open.The fifth chapter elaborates the internet group events and our party and government’s countermeasures.In the period of social transformation,social contradictions and conflicts of interests are intertwined, and the situation easily evolves into mass group events. Current internet group events have the following characteristics, such as nonpolitical interest demands, combination of online siege and offline action, multiple participating subjects, rapid propagation speed and difficult controllability, and coexistence of rational and irrational expression. Social change and interest conflict, the conflict between cadres and the masses, propagation characteristics of new media, the party’s leadership style and ruling way lagging behind the reality, all are the main reasons causing this kind of events. Our party and our government need to govern internet group events from two aspects of symptoms and cure. With respect to the symptoms, our party and our government to handle such events should adhere to the principle of the first scene, timeliness and objectivity, identify the main contradiction accurately, be accurate to define the nature of the events, adhere to the “Three Combinations” to carefully use of police, do the whole management before and afterthe events, and correctly understand of the relationship between new media and group events. With respect to the cure, our party and our government should renew the idea and realize the mode change from management to governance, transform the functions of our party and establish service-oriented primary party organizations, improve the ruling way and adhere to the scientific ruling, democratic ruling and ruling by law, strengthen the system construction, and establish and maintain the system mechanism of social fairness and justice.The sixth chapter elaborates media literacy of party members and cadres as the backbone of our party. Media literacy is a new requirement for party members and cadres to adapt to the new media era. Media literacy of party members and cadres have the following problems. Firstly, they often misunderstand the new media and still have a traditionally response to the new media using ways such as sealing, blocking and deleting. Secondly, they are often imbalance in psychologically, and are pride and self-esteem of the attitude of exclusion. Thirdly is strategic failure and the ostrich policy of hiding, dragging, pushing and grasping. The promotion to enhance the leading cadres’ media literacy can be mainly from the the following aspects, such as to establish a concept of “power by media”, improve the mechanism of training, selection and appointment, treat the media correctly and keep good relations with the media, and maintain a good way of the party.The ending part summarizes the key contents of the thesis, and think of how to enhance the party’s social leadership in the new media era. Our party needs to develop a new media platform in order to make communication between the party and the masses more convenient. At the same time, we need to create a internet space, concern on social emotion and social dynamic development, and finally serves the party’s purpose in practice.
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