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A Study On The Construction Of Rural Culture In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Posted on:2015-11-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1106330470452707Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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The Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China has brought up a goal of "Two one hundred", put forward a series of the strategic task of cultural power like "three advocate" of socialist core values. To achieve this goal, the rural areas need to be treated as the most difficult and onerous tasks, namely the difficulties are in rural areas, focal points are on farmers. How to guide and improve the ability of self-development, let the minority farmers have the happy life as soon as possible, is the focus of emphasis, the difficulty in difficulty. Then how to solve this focal problem of emphasis and the difficulty in difficulty? Rural cultural construction is doubtless one of the important link.Culture is an important characteristic of a nation, the soul of a nation and the root of the nation. On the earth of China,56ethnic groups have jointly created a long history and colorful culture. Facing new changes of conditions of world, nation and party, the Chinese nation keep pace with the times and blaze new trails under the guidance of Scientific outlook on development. Chinese culture is strategic forces to go along with the future and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and Chinese dream. The culture of the Chinese nation’s great development and prosperity necessarily be big prosperity and development of the ethnic culture, it is bound to protect the cultural diversity and development. Without minority ethnic village cultural development and prosperity, there won’t be great development and prosperity of urban city culture and Chinese culture. At the same time, China is a unified multi-ethnic country, and also a vast country which ethnic minority mostly distributed in the border areas and poor-environment mountainous areas. Due to the geographical and historical factors, as well as the differences among cultural economic and other aspects, solving national problems is destined to be a process of length, with complexity and importance. Thus national problems are a vital problem related to whether the goal of our country and CPC would be realized. The most fundamental way to solve national problems is by scientific development while the core of scientific development is cultural support. Therefore, the most important and urgent problems that we are facing is how to carry out theoretical and practical study of rural cultural construction of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas, how to constantly explore the basic laws of the minorities rural cultural construction, how to improve poor mountainous areas’self-development capacity and how to promote scientific development, harmonious development and leap-forward development in poor mountainous areas.The thesis is about the research of rural cultural construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi, which includes three sectors:introduction, content and conclusion.First of all, the introduction is part1, which mainly illustrates the research’s writing reasons, significance, object, scope, conditions, hypotheses, innovative points, difficult points, ideas, method and frameworks, etc.Secondly, the body part is from chapter2to chapter8. Chapter2is about theme, objectives, principles and value of rural culture construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi.. Firstly it elaborates the rural culture construction subject, target and main principle of rural cultural construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi. Then it discusses the times value of rural cultural construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi in detail..Chapter3is about origin thought in rural culture construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi. It mainly includes the traditional cultural resource of rural culture construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi, The rural construction thought in modern China, rural cultural thought of Marxism and theory of self development in Ethnic Minority Areas, historical heritage and experience summary of rural culture construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi. These materials provide rich ideological guidance and theoretical basis to rural cultural construction research in western Guangxi resources-abundant areas.Chapter4is about analysis of the present situation of rural cultural construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi. The first given are the introduction and analysis of peculiarity and problem among geographical environment, national distribution, rural categories and some else aspects in western Guangxi resource-abundant areas. Then it discusses characteristic and problem of rural culture transformation period.Mean while, it deeply analyzes the main problem and its causing reason which existed in rural culture construction at present. These provide a realistic basis for the further development of the rural cultural construction.Chapter5is about the cultivate of "civilized fanners" of resource-abundant regions in Western Guangxi. It first studies quality characteristic and existing problem of the current farmer group of resource-abundant areas in Western Guangxi. On this basis, it further starts an in-depth discussion on how to foster "civilized farmers", and also put forwards the effective means to realization.The chapter6is about the protection of the rural culture heritage in western Guangxi resource-abundant areas. It firstly discusses the popularization of universal cultural heritage knowledge from on the whole. It then respectively points out its major contents and existing issues of tangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage in western cultural resource-abundant areas. And it also puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on how to protect the material cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage.The chapter7is about the deep development of rural cultural industry in Western Guangxi resource-abundant areas. This chapter mainly introduces the new field of Western Guangxi resource-abundant areas’rural, cultural, Industrial exploitation, and the rural culture industry resources type. It takes accounts of the special practice, discussing the idea of innovative mode of deep development of rural cultural industry. It further puts forward countermeasures towards the rural cultural industry development guarantee mechanism.Chapter8is about modern construction of resource-abundant areas in western Guangxi.It first discusses leading role of the core values of socialism towards modern construction of rural culture; Then it gives a in-depth discussion on how to carry out the activities of modern construction of rural culture; finally, it puts forward the effective countermeasure suggestions in respect of the rural cultural construction guarantee mechanism and other else aspects.The part of Epilogue is the summary and distillation of the whole thesis and generalizes the emphasis and difficulties of this research. It stresses on the guiding ideology, the fundamental purpose, the missions and the path for accomplishment. The central and guiding position of basic tenets of Marxism, the principle of seeking truth from facts and keep pace with the times in unfolding varies activities in rural cultural construction has been reiterated, so as to push forward the development of poor rural villages in minority nationality areas in a scientific, harmonious and leap-forward method.
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