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Study On The Key Problems Of Farmers' Participation In Rural Community Construction In

Posted on:2014-05-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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China is a large agricultural country. The “Three Rurals” is an important issue because of the long existence of urban-rural dual structure system. It’s the most important task for rural economic and social development of China to solve the problems of the rural areas, agriculture and farmers. Since the task of construction the “new socialist countryside” was proposed at the Fifth Session of the Sixteenth Central Committee of the CPC, the rural development has been carried out rapidly across the country. Especially, the rural community construction is an effective way to promote the development. Furthermore, it can also speed up the process of urbanization in rural areas, promote integrated development of urban and rural areas, and coordinate the governance of urban with the rural social development.Current studies of rural community construction mainly carry out from these aspects, for example rural governance, the scope of rural communities, community management of urbanization, rural community model, the foreign experience of community construction and so on. But the theory of rural communities and the practices of rural community separate from each other. The study of rural communities lacks a more systematic and comprehensive analysis, and also with little literature relates to the rural community construction and agricultural circular economy. Therefore, this paper is trying to make a systematic analysis to the key problems which appear during the rural community construction, so as to find out the key problems, and put forward solutions to the problem. This dissertation is mainly elaborated within following sections:1. For farmers and industry types to scientific and rational classification. Farmers are actors that participating in the main building of rural communities, but and different types of farmers who involved in the construction of rural communities has significant differences in decision-making and behavior. Therefore, based on existing farmers livelihood assets, livelihood risks and adaptation strategies, this paper combined with its future livelihood development and transformation possible, in order to identify the source of livelihood for farmers and establish indicators. Then, using factor analysis method and cluster analysis method to classify with more scientific and accurate for farmers and industry differentiation, region farmers would be research into the five categories model which include development of agricultural industrialization, large-scale agricultural development, farm diversification, both industry and agricultural development, and agricultural diversification growth-oriented.2. Delve into the key problem of restricting farmer to participate in the rural community construction. This article through the head of the household of farmers’ willingness to participate in the rural community construction characteristics, the characteristics of farm households, natural endowment and the external environment, national policy, and analyze the factors that the future livelihood of farmers, chose the 22 representative variables, using factor analysis method to extract the six common factor, as the independent variables of farmers to participate in the rural community construction will influence factors analysis of binary Logistic return, through econometric model analysis result. It is concluded that the problem of farmers’ family income is the most critical influence farmers to participate in the rural community construction problems.3. The further study of the influence of the farmers to participate in the agricultural circular economy development key problems. This article through to affect farmers to participate in the project the factors of the agricultural circular economy system analysis, using the factor analysis method to identify the nine public factor, through the analysis of the binary Logistic return, obtained the influence farmers participate in agricultural circular economy is the most crucial problem is a problem of agricultural industrialization in the industrial chain extension.4. Aiming at the key issues in the research area of rural community construction, put forward to solve the key problem of system planning and implementation plan. According to the research areas of rural community construction and the current situation of the development of agricultural circular economy, to solve the problem of copper stone town, the key problems in the process of the rural community construction, for copper stone town, the rural community construction from the circulation agriculture production chain, industry chain diffraction and ecological integration of industrial cluster development and so on has carried on the system planning, the rural community construction and plan of copper stone town of subregional and phases such as measures to implement the plan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction of Rural Community, Participation of Farm Households, Agricultural Circular Economy, Method of Factor Analysis, Binary Logistic Regression Model
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