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A Study On The Humanistic Trend Of Social And Historical Development

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In the 19 th century, Marx studied comprehensively on the history of the development process of human society, analyzed scientifically of the objective laws of historical development of human society, pointed out the direction of communism in the development of human society and history. However, the crisis and plight of human beings in today’s social development has emerged. Are Marx’s social and historical laws still valid? What will social and historical development go? How should human face? The key of the question is whether people can grasp the direction of social and historical development. In the past we focused on the understanding of the law from an objective perspective of social history, but when we face the people themselves, try to solve people’s puzzles, we must go explore the trend of social and historical development from a subjective perspective. Throughout human history of millions of years, even if accompanied by sufferings, losses and struggles, but the history has become an irreversible trend, the survival of human is protected increasingly, the development of human is highlighted, the social history is becoming people’s own social history, the development of human society history is the "humanity" process of people continually obtain free and comprehensive development.This article is based on historical materialism and the Marxist view of humanity, by building social and historical development of the subjective analytical framework, for the development trend of social history from the subjective perspective of theoretical and historical analysis, with the "humanity" trend vision, examine the achievements and problems in the human social historical development, explore the way for future development of human society.According to Marx’s theory of historical materialism, at first we build the subjective analytical framework of social history. Make it clear and definite that the subject of social and historical development is the real man, the laws of social and historical development are not out of people, but are the laws of people’s activity, and human activity is the conformity with law and purpose, according to the laws of social historical development and human initiative activities, people will obtain free and comprehensive development, social history will approach to humanity trend. Under the perspective of humanization trend, the subjectivity of social and historical development grow increasingly, the consciousness of subjectivity establishes, the ability of subjectivity enhances, the position of subjectivity promotes, the need purpose and development of subjectivity in social and historical development appear increasingly, this trend is the essence of the performance of the objective laws of social history development. The analysis of this paper bases on three basic categories the nature : subject- object- practice; the levels: individual- group- class; the status: obligatory- necessity- reality.After the establishment of the theoretical framework and basic categories, it’s necessary to make general analysis for humanization trend in social historical development. Analyze generation mechanism of humanization trend, the interaction practice between subject and object is the fundamental motive force of humanization trend, the ethnic interests for people’s survival and development is the guarantee of humanization trend, human liberation is the way of humanization trend. Humanization trend implies human autonomic, generative and evaluative characteristics in social and historical development. In the specific social and historical development, humanization trend expands two-way evolution of subject and object, harmonization of individuals, groups and classes and the inevitable of trend.Based on historical materialism, clarify further the humanization trend in social historical development and other previous theories.At the aspect of essence analysis, humanization trend to emphasize the subject of social and historical development is the real man, the practice of interaction between subject and object is the driving force of its formation, different from the scientism, anthropocentrism and the teleology of history. At the aspect of level analysis, humanization trend is the unity of individuals, groups and classes, rather than a single individual, the individual groups or abstract class of humanity as a whole, different from the individualism, the bourgeois humanism and the theory of human nature. At the aspect of state analysis, humanization trend is the unity of ideals, the inexorable law and real state, rather than the historical view of humanism, the historical non determinism and inhuman and anti-humane phenomenon.Retrospective historical process from the "god" and "substance" to the "humanity" trend, from the nature, level, the state is divided in three levels of history nodes, analysis of the four stages of humanization trend in social historical development. Ancient society is the infancy of humanization trend, consciousness of subjective is not clear, groups of survival hold dominant position, still under the shackles of absolute necessity. Modern society is the rise of humanization trend, the dominant position of people is established, individual differentiate from the group, and began to pursue the ideal society. Contemporary society is the flection and development stage of humanization trend, people are lost in reliance on the subject matter, individuals, groups and classes split, the real conflict with ideal. Future communist society is the transition of humanization trend, people will achieve the free and comprehensive development, harmony and unity of individual, group and class, the transition from the realm of necessity towards the realm of freedom.Based on the building of theoretical framework, theoretical analysis, clarification of basic concepts and history summarization, finally we will observe and study humanization trend in China social reality. There is no doubt that China has made remarkable achievements in the development of humanization trend contemporary, "people-oriented" development concept is thoroughly implemented, individuals, groups, and classes promote synergy, the superiority of the socialist becomes true. Strengthen humanization trend in social historical development is to safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses, is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the overall interests of a powerful guarantee, is the proper meaning of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In the future, the development of Chinese society will be more respect for the people’s dominant position in practice, improve the human rights protection system from the individual to the overall, and continuously deepen the reforms in an all-round way to make humanization trend come true.History is a mirror, it illuminates reality, also illuminates the future. Our research of humanization trend in social historical development shows an more vivid, beautiful, progressional historical picture. Social and historical development is a continuous innovation and action.
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