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Empirical Study On China’s Retail Enterprises O2O E-commerce Adoption Behavior

Posted on:2017-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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During the era of the internet economy, the diffusion and application of the information technology system in the field of electronic commerce( e-commerce) has been spawning new type of industry. With the development of internet, big data, internet of things and cloud computing and other new generation of information technology, and in order to adapt to consumer consumption patterns and consumption habits change, to meet the consumer experience, consumption perception and the individual diversified consumption demand, the retail enterprise starts to speed up the development of transition to the e-commerce business model.O2 O e-commerce that is different from the B2 C and C2 C e-commerce is a new development stage of e-commerce, can realize the effective integration between online virtual economy and offline real economy, provide new market opportunities for retail enterprise. As a new business model, Retail enterprises use the internet platform and information technology system to carry out comprehensive business activities, the O2 O e-commerce is the realistic choice that promotes the traditional retail enterprise business network, digitalization and information revolution, effectively solve the difficult faced by traditional retail enterprise. In this context, the paper chooses the retail enterprise O2 O e-commerce as the research object, and makes a comprehensive theoretical research and empirical analysis of the adoption behavior of retail enterprise O2 O e- commerce, in order to provide the important theoretical support and practical guidance for China’s retail enterprises restructuring and development.The paper systematically summarizes the relevant existing research literature & research results and founds its problems.Based on the DOI & TAM theory, this paper proposes the integrated TAM & TOE research framework, and deeply analyzes the internal mechanism of adoption O2 O e-commerce.On this basis, the paper firstly constructs the index system of O2 O e-commerce, and puts forward the original hypothesis and conceptual model.Then according to the initial behavior model,the paper designs the questionnaire, makes a descriptive statistics analysis, reliability and validity analysis and confirmatory factor analysis that proves the validity and reliability of the survey data and the fitting goodness of the measurement model.And then by structural equation model,the paper will make a empirical analysis of the retail enterprise O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior,study the impact of the decision-maker, decision object and decision making situation on the retail enterprises O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior, estimates the influence path and influence cofficent, and theoretically verifys the initial hypothesis.Finally the paper will summarize the full text and give some prospects, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions to accelerate the transformation development of China’s traditional retail enterprises. Research results show that the retail enterprises O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior is the rational choice to adapt to the internet economy and the new business model,the initial hypothesis is tested by theory and the latent variables have a significant impact on the adoption behavior, the questionnaire data is reliable and stable and the sample data and the measurement model fit well, the professional knowledge of enterprises is the most important factor affecting the adoption behavior, the three latent variables of the decision subject is the largest indirect influence on adoption behavior.The characteristics and innovative points of this paper are mainly embodied in the following four aspects: The first aspect,the study topic is close to the background of the retail enterprises transformation development in the internet economy era.The traditional retail enterprises under the impact of the internet economy have faced more difficults and problems that will increase the retail enterprises restructuring and development pressure.The information technology diffusion and application in the field of retail enterprise becomes an important development direction for traditional retail enterprise restructuring and development.So from the perspective of enterprise decision-making body, the research of retail enterprises O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior has a strong reality effect and at the same time it provides a new research perspective for other scholars to study this problem. The second aspect,the paper puts forward the O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior concept model from the enterprise decision-making level. The previous e-commerce adoption behavior studies are based on individual consumer level, pay attention to acceptance and satisfaction evaluation about the e-commerce model, analysis of consumer decision-making process, but this paper makes the retail enterprises as decision-making body, analyzes the retail enterprise O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior intention.This is the innovation of research perspective and research object, makes up the deficiency of the adoption behavior. The third aspect,the paper will realize the new fusion of various research methods. In this paper the retail enterprise O2 O e-commerce adoption behavior research make a comprehensive use of a variety of methods.Before the structural equation model empirical analysis, there is the integrated use of questionnaire survey method, case analysis, factor statistics, descriptive statistics, hypothesis theory, conceptual model design to finish data description, data test and model identification.The fourth aspect, putting forward new countermeasures for the retail enterprises O2 O e-commerce adoption. There is extracted seven latent variables in the paper, and the analysis results show the seven latent variables have different influence effect path and influence coefficient which provide new countermeasures to accelerate the transformation development of traditional retail enterprises.
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