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A Research Into The Norm Of Moral Foundation In Socialist Market Economy

Posted on:2007-09-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1115360185457932Subject:Marxist philosophy
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Market economy is not only an effective way of resource distribution, but also a way of man's existence and exchange; it is a process of free and equal exchanges of man's fundamental power. Such exchange can compensate for the defects in man's nature. Through market exchanges, market economy can satisfy man's needs with the utilization of scattered knowledge and information. Thus, as the exchanging form between production and consumption, market economy naturally embodies moral values. The establishment of the socialist market economic system is a great deed of the Chinese people. Its success in practice requires us to reconsider the relationships between socialism and market economy through philosophical reflections. The present dissertation holds that the basic value of socialist market economy, which bears theoretical and practical legality, is in accordance with the basic value and innate requirement of market economy. Whereas, capitalism, which unavoidably goes to monopolization that naturally restricts the regulation of freedom and equality, is predetermined in its tendency and nature that turn against market economy. Logically, from our rational thinking, such a conclusion can be drawn: market economy can only be a socialist one, which will naturally promote the overall development of man's freedom.Western moralists and economists in their theories have long focused on moral issues in market economy. Some economists and moral philosophers, such as Adam Smith, believe that the pursuing of economic benefits in the market is a moral process of practice, and that rational economic man and his economic activities---for his own ends---can, in the maximization of profit, be beneficial to others. Economy and morality are innately in conformity with each other, and hence, there is no need for the independent moral regulations outside economic...
Keywords/Search Tags:market economy, ethical value, socialism, capitalism, man's full development
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