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International Comparison Of Insurance Supervison And Study On Law Of Insurance Supervison In China

Posted on:2011-07-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330332963261Subject:International Law
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Since 2007,the world economy in turmoil,the global insurance industry are facing unprecedented challenges,such challenges to the insurance regulators put forward higher requirements.Modern civilization based on the excellent legal system, which is proved by the historical development of human society,and increasingly becomes people's common understanding. It's quite common in history to develop the social development and promote the civilization depending on the complete legal systems. Compared to only 20 years of China's insurance regulatory history of the development of international regulatory developments on health care in developed countries are more perfect,which formed the United States,Britain,Japan,the more typical three kinds of insurance regulatory model,is conducive to speed up its study and learn China's insurance regulatory system reform and development. The essence of market economy includes in the economy domained by law. The implementation of the insurance supervision must depend on relevant legal systems. Moreover,with.the development of insurance industry,the legal system of the insurance supervision is gradually improved and completed. At the same time,the perfection of reasonable insurance supervision legal system protects the healthy development of insurance. Though the banking,securities business and insurance have formed three carriages of modern finance,nowadays,a large amount of academic resources distributed by domestic scholars are belonging to banking and securities business,which shows the inadequate attention paid to the insurance. In recent years, the development of Chinese insurance has seen unusual power and strength. Compared with the flourishing of the insurance,the theoretical research and innovation on the management of insurance supervision has been seldom covered. On the other hand,among all numerable treatises concerning insurance supervision,the majority belongs to the introductory and intellectual articles,and makes the explanation mainly in terms of economics. There are very few talking about the explanation,summary, and analysis of insurance Supervision from the aspect of law science. Therefore,this paper aimed at insurance supervision law system's construction in china. This paper used empirical and normative analysis,inductive and deductive analysis,dynamic and static analysis of a combination of research methods,drawing on the general insurance supervision and management theory,risk management theory and some research results of international economics,based on a theoretical and a practical,the unity of history and logic method. First,it summarized the trend of insurance regulatory internationalization and compared the formation and evolution of the four typical insurance regulatory systems which enlightened the insurance supervision system's reform in China. Second,it studied the evolution of China's insurance regulatory system and its status in quo.Third,it put forward suggestion on insurance supervision system which fit with situation of china and international trend base on effective supervision theory.There is two innovations. First is unique angle,it studied insurance supervision in point of law. Second is wide scope. It emphasized the significance of law in supervision and put forwards how to perfect the insurance supervision legal system.The emphasis of study changed from how to supervise of institution to how to supervise on institution. Meanwhile,there is shortcoming. The system of theory is not enough perfect and all-around. So it needs more study in future.
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