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Research On Financial Policy Optimization For Adjusting Population Migration In China

Posted on:2012-11-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In China, among the problems of social and economic development, the population problems seem to be significant and unique. Its significance lies in that any important economic or social problem is directly and highly correlated with population problem. As for the uniqueness, it is accounted to the special condition of China. Both the stock and increment of Chinese population are large, and the increase inertia is obvious, additionally, the economy basis is vulnerable, all of these result in the uniqueness of population problems. While among a number of population problems, population migration problem has the most obvious characteristic, particularly under the background of socialistic market economy, the continuous enhancement of economy openness and globalization, population migration problem has had a profound variation, both in internal migration structure and in external migration influences, which has made a great shock to the social fields of economy, society, management, culture, moral and so on. This"shock"has two expressions, one of which is population migration in a large-scale that provides abundant labors for development of economy, social structure and modernization; the other is that the shock accelerated the transformation of China social structure, social hierarchy separation and coursed serious disproportion between social relations, put forward a severe challenge for China government public administration system. To understand the relation between population migration in new period and development of economy and society, then standardize functions of government and explore a trail to solve service problem for migratory population has become a topic of our century. It has a primary effect in promoting the development of harmonious society, and developing population, resource, economy and society integrated. It also will develop population full scale and raise population quality.This paper takes the relationship of economy development and population development as the research background, and Dual Economic Theory,Demographic Economics,and the Push and Pull Theory as the theory basis, while utilizing statistics analysis, quantitative analysis, and the method of combining horizontal and verticalcomparisons, the paper analyzes the influence and inter relationship between population migration and public finance. On the basis of above expositions, there is an explanation of the concept of"population finance"which will be a crucial starting point for the analysis of balancing population development and improving public finance system, and it becomes the most typical creative idea of this paper.Based on the above discussion, the logical structure of this paper will be mainly expounded in the following four aspects within eight chapters:First of all, there is a general analysis of the basic relationship between population migration and public economy. This part is the basis to develop the whole article, and also can be taken as the important background knowledge. It mainly refers to the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the paper. Besides expounding writing purpose, significant, background and the basic theory, this part focuses more on the analysis of the influences on economy development made by population migration, particularly considering current situation, it emphasized population migration's shocking impact on China economy development. On this basis, it explains the idea of population finance, and as a leading point it will reveal the research theme of the paper: inter relationship between population migration and public finance.Next, as the crucial part of the paper, there is a specific discussion on the influence of China economy and society caused by population migration. It mainly includes Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, and Chapter 6. In this paper, it divides the influences into two kinds, economic influence and social influence. And for details, there are cases for migration and economy development, migration and social security system, migration and urbanization, and migration and contemporary poverty. Studying the cases will be helpful to explain the diversified influences owing to population migration, especially the impact on public financial system and the measures taken by financial system to handle with population migration problem.Then, in Chapter 7, some foreign countries are chosen to learn their experiences of dealing with population migration problem. This is the transition part of the paper in which it selects three foreign countries, i.e. Germany, Japan and Sweden, and studies their experiences and lessons of dealing with population migrations. In the paper, these countries experiences is studied in three aspects of financial total revenue and expenditure, structure of financial expenditure and financial capital management, and then it dialectically analyzes the results and makes a objective conclusion which will be a helpful research for the improvement of our public financial system.Finally, on the basis of the summaries in Chapter 8, given the population migrating tendency, it analyzes the orientation of financial system reform and development in China, and then proposes the optimizing idea of fiscal policy. They are to optimize financial system, to optimize structure of financial expenditure, and to optimize the public service system and so forth. It not only further embodies population migration has influenced the modernization process of China, highlights the urgency and reality of solving population migration problem, but also makes some beneficial discover of the improvement of public financial system.
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