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Political Liberty Under Political Philosophy

Posted on:2008-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215497427Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Political liberty is a basic political concept within political philosophy. As an independent discipline system of political philosophy, its theoretical premise is completely under the guidance of Marxism to create the political humanity. Based on reflection of the political and social nature of human existence, to search for the main political society dimensions, and to establish the existence and development of the logical premise of political philosophy. Among them, the political rationality generates the political main party and the capability to prosper legitimacy, promotes its corresponding political equality, political liberty and other political rights, and also promotes and protects the political rights, which should have a political system that is the democratic nature of political democracy. Thus, political liberty from political value level depicted a magnificent blueprint for the creation of political liberties by all means, set up realistic objectives and ultimate goal of political liberty for the healthy and orderly development of contemporary Chinese political by providing value directions, and also establish a theoretical basis.Political liberty has a certain social functions as the basic political philosophy and academic areas. The application characteristics of political philosophy is based on the real political and social values that should be asked to judge the likelihood basis; is based on the political realities or academic legitimacy of the basis of analytical and rational judgment. Based on the socialist market economy conditions, explores the equality, equity, just humanities content of free market economy, and abandons the traditional planned economy to the market and its criticism of the concept of free competition, combines market economy with the rich content of the inherent supremacy of personality, interests - based the nature and characteristics of the principle of giving priority to efficiency and effectiveness of combination, and noted that the fit for the ultimate embodiment of the eternal pursuit of social justice -- human's ageless pursuer -- can be achieved. This shows that modern man is in the final market in the coordination of liberation and freedom to enter the Kingdom of liberty. Accordingly, the relationship among the market, the government and the liberty and the improvement of China's socialist economic system, political system and the political system that has important practical significance.The goal of political liberty is to achieve real socialist political civilization. Subject to the development of civil and political liberties, and the change of government functions, building a new political culture of value orientation, to promote the development of socialist political civilization driving force. Accordingly, the development of democracy has become a political liberty and other basic ways. The ultimate goal of political liberty is to achieve the freedom of the people and comprehensive development, in which process, as the civil society to achieve the combination of rights and obligations, liberty and responsibility. As a result is just like what Marxist historical materialism says: with the development of society and the contradiction between productive forces and production relations, the free and full development will be finally realized.
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