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China's Accession To The Wto And The Financial Sector Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2002-08-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065450371Subject:International trade
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In this paper, we discuss China finance reform and opening to the outside world before and after she joints WTO.The whole paper contains ten chapters, before which is an introduction that tells the readers something about GATT&WTO, the relative provisions involving financial service trade, the meaning of joining WTO and the relationship between WTO and China's finance reform & opening to the outside world. What's more, we discuss how to use some special clauses in GATS to protect China's financial industry.The first chapter is The Theory on Finance Reform and Opening to the outside World. Firstly, we introduce the theory on financial deepening, the order of financial liberalization and financial restraint. Secondly, we probe into the relationship and development of theories mentioned above. Thirdly, we try to draw the inspiration from these theories.The second and the third chapters are cases-study about finance reform, opening to the outside world and financial supervision in the developed and developing countries. The former is about America and Japan, while the later Chile and South Korea. The developed counties pay more attentions to controlling financial risk, to financial liberalization and to conglomerate banking. They also supervise foreign financial institutions more and more tightly. During the financial reform and opening to the outside world, the developing countries reach different outcomes because of different preconditions, orders and modes, which tell us that the financial reform and opening to the outside world in our country must be with Chinese characteristics.The forth chapter is The Financial Reform and Opening to the outside World before China Joining WTO. Firstly, after recalling the miserable past when the imperial big powers' finance invaded, manipulated the old China and hindered the development of the old Chinese finance, we point out that there is an essential distinction between todays financial opening to the outside world and that of the old China. Secondly, we summarize briefly the financial reform and opening to the outside world before China opened to the outside world. Thirdly, we probe into how the foreign finance impacts on ours after they enter our financial market. On that basis, we try to sketch the overall strategy of financial reform and opening to the outsideworld in China after joining WTO.The following three chapters study the financial reform and opening to the outside world after China joins WTO, including bank industry, insurance industry and security industry. Firstly, we analyze each advantages and shortcomings of China and foreign financial institutions. Secondly, we study how China's finance reforms and opens to the outside world and put forward much more proposals about them. What's more, we point out emphatically that China should, draw lessons from other developing and developed countries. Thirdly, we should understand the meaning of opening to the outside world, which also means China's financial institutions march to the world.The eighth chapter is China Jointing WTO & Her Financial Regulation. By studying, we find WTO will perplex financial regulation problems in China. Firstly, we study some developed and developing countries financial regulation system. Secondly, we find much more imperfect in our financial regulation system, Thirdly, We shall, in accordance with the relative laws, strengthen the supervision and control of financial institutions (including the foreign ones) and markets, including the securities market, standardize and safeguard the financial order, and effectively guard against financial risks.The ninth chapter discusses China's joining WTO and financial safety. Firstly, we study the negative influences of Asian financial crises on China. Secondly, we analyze the existing risks of China financial industry. Thirdly, we study the financial safety problem China faces after joining WTO. Fourthly, we suggest some effective measures should be taken to avoid the risks China facing.The tenth chapter is Financial Reform &...
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