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Study On Strategy And Countmeasures For The Sustaintable Development Of China's Agriculture In New Era

Posted on:2003-04-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065460079Subject:Agricultural economic management
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In the new century, China's national economy and social development as well as agriculture and rural economy will face new opportunity and challenges, which strongly need to update the objectives and contents of the sustainable development of agriculture. The implementation of sustainable development of agriculture in China will be much more crucial than any time before. It can be judged that China's agriculture has already entered the new era in which the development strategy for sustainable agriculture can be carried out comprehensively. It has very important theoretical and practical meaning to study strategy and countmeasures for the sustaintable development of China's agriculture in new era.The purpose for this study was trying to put forward the strategic choice, development objectives, key fields and the related policy as well as guaranteed measures that the government should take for the sustainable development of China's agriculture, which may provide scientific foundation for decision-making on instructing and promoting the sustainable development of China's agriculture.In this study, most of the perspectives on agricultural sustainable development all over the world were summarized and analyzed, the basic concepts that agricultural sustainable development should embrace was expounded, the connotation of agricultural sustainable development was redefined on the base of inheriting the original ideas. The new content and request that the new times endowed with the sustainable development of China's agriculture was also studied.The strategic position for China's agricultural sustainable development in new era was analyzed in earnest. The study pointed out that China's agricultural sustainable development was now standing in a very crucial historic period, its implementation and success or failure will strongly influence the development of China's agriculture. Therefore, Sustainable development should be regarded as the fundamental and pre-requisite strategy for China's agriculture, and followed through all the aspects, sectors, and fields of agricultural development in China.According to China's reality and the requirement that the agricultural sustainable development should satisfy, the instructive ideology and basic principles for China's sustainable agriculture was put forward. Since there was still no integrated plan and constructive request for agricultural sustainable development in China, the study, on thebase of the related studies, brought forward the middle and long-term targets for China's agricultural sustainable development in next 50 years as well as the related constructive principles that should be abided by.For evaluating the sustainable development of China's agriculture from both qualitative and quantitative sense, after consulting specialists extensively and summarizing abundant literatures, the study designed the primary indicator system to appraise the sustainable development of China's agriculture. The national evaluation index system includes 3 major categories, 11 sub-categories and 25 concrete indexes, the fiducial marks, weightiness and functions for these indexes were also studied and established.For applying for and testifying the evaluation methodology and indexes, the study set up some mathematic models to value China's agricultural sustainable development. The evaluation focused on three major aspects of the sustainable development: comprehensive situation, development consistency and ecological safety. The sustainable development of agriculture and rural economy in China together with two regional provinces: Jiangsu and Hubei in last 25 years was evaluated by using the methodology and indicator system. The results were in line with the reality approximately, which proved the method and indexes were right and practical.The study pointed out 8 key fields for agricultural sustainable development should be emphasized and broken through, which included food resource safety, ecological safety, arid water-saving agriculture, utilization and protection of arab...
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