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The Research On Theory And Methodology Of Risk Management In Investment Bank Of China

Posted on:2003-02-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065460856Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Guided by Deng Xiaoping's theory and based on theoretical support of Economics, Management Science, Financial Theory and Engineering, Risk Management and Modern Corporation Theory as well, this dissertation makes systematic, comprehensive and in-depth exploration and study on the theory and methodology of risk management for investment bank in China. With references on the institutions of western investment bank and the practical developments of capital & security market and investment banking, this paper makes not only studies on basic theory of risk management of investment bank but also investigations on risk management practices of investment bank both in China and abroad. Through systematic exploring the essences of risk management in investment banking and comparative analyzing the successes and failures of investment risk management practices in developed countries, this paper provides an effective approach for constructing the risk management system of investment bank and advances strategic countermeasures on risk management practices of investment banking and administrative department in China. This dissertation is comprised often sections and it is divided as follow.The first section, as the introduction, expatiates the objectives, significances and theoretical foundation for this research, analyzes the interrelated research status of this subject and introduces the studying contents and method.Section 2- comprehensively and systemically analyzes the investment banking in modern financial system. As a generation of special phase in the development of security market and joint-stock company, investment bank is a important body involving in capital market and mature financial system; In the process of exploiting traditional and original businesses, it acts as a important media of capital supply-demand, innovator of financial instruments , server of capital increment, constructor of efficient capital market and propeller of resources allocation and industrial structure upgrade. The "infectivity" of risks in entire financial system inevitably produces various risks in investment bank which do not exist in the fields of companies and commercial banks because of the instability of financial capital prices, the high indebted ratio of investment bank, the factors of institution and the pressures of competition.In section 3, this paper firstly analyzes the connotations and objectives of risk management in investment bank. Secondly, it discusses the core issues on contingent claims of the risk-return and managerial procedures of risk identifying, measuring, controlling and decision-making.Thirdly, it introduces the theories of portfolio management, asset pricing, arbitrage pricing, options pricing, hedge, comprehensive risk management.Next, it expatiates the currentrisk management method which are extensively used in the real world, especially, the applying of VAR model in our country.Finally, on the basis of above, the paper sets forth presentiment and administrative system.In section 4, the paper comparatively studies the financial innovation and risk management of investment bank between America and Canada.On the basis of favorable experiences of their innovation about systems, organizational structures, businesses , financial products and the experiences of risk management and controlling, this paper sets forth the general solutions of perfecting the risk management of Chinese investment banking.Section 5 firstly expatiates the basic theory of corporate governance, and then introduces the governance structure of American investment banks. On the basis of theoretical analysis, this section positively analyzes the short-coming of our investment banks' governance mechanism which lead to the equilibrium and generation of risk, and sets forth ideas of investment innovation in our country on the basis of corporate governance mechanism.Section 6 and 7 focus on risk management of traditional and original businesses in investment banking of China. After joining in WTO, the capital and securi...
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