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Socialist Theory Of Income Distribution And System Of Income Distribution In The Primary Stage Of Socialism

Posted on:2003-09-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065462063Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the implementation of reform and opening up, change taking place in China's social and economic environment has led to a great change in individual income distribution and the pattern of distribution. The reform of income distribution system indicates the adjustment and redistribution of economic interest among different main bodies. With the reform of income distribution and wealth possession systems, the uniting interest relationship among people has been broken and a new pattern of income distribution is being gradually developed. Meanwhile, interest groups are under change. Income distribution has become one of the most sensitive issues in our social life.Economic interest is one of the impetuses that develop social production, and essentially, income distribution equals the distribution of economic interest, taking economic interest as the key clue and the evolution of the theory about income distribution as the supporting clue. This paper makes a realistic analysis and judgement of China's policy of income distribution as well as certain actual issues from a theoretical perspective, by studying the socialist theory of income distribution and socialist distribution system that conforms to market economy in the primary stage of socialism and that is characterized by the country's practical condition.The whole dissertation is divided into 6 chapters.The first chapter deals with the origin and basic starting point of socialist distribution theory, together with the distribution pattern of the future society, raised by Marx and Engels with the emphasis on the exposition of Marx and Engels' theory about distribution relations determined by production relations, and their scientific proposition of the distribution pattern in the future society. According to their theory-logic consistent prediction, besides distribution according to work, there will be other way to income distribution in the primary stage of socialism in the countries where revolution succeeds.In the second chapter, the writer touches upon the preliminary of Marxist socialist theory of income distribution in socialist countries, mainly giving space to the improvement and development of the theory about distribution according to work, as well as the experience of success and lessons of failure in the socialist practice of former Soviet Union and China. Additionally, the writer makes an observation of the initial development of the socialist theory and system of income distribution with Chinese characteristics since reform and opening up.Chapter three is employed to explain the relationship between economic structure anddistribution according to work in the primary stage of socialism. After the analysis of the socialist structure, the writer gives an account of the necessity of the distribution system in the primary stage of socialism characterized by the co-existence of multiple ways of distribution with distribution according to work as the fundamental means, and of the new content and feature of distribution according to work in the primary stage of socialism.The fourth chapter tackles the relationship between distribution according to essential factors of production and according to work in primary stage of socialism. With an analysis of the theory and source of capitalist income distribution, the writer expounds the inevitability of distribution according to essential factors of production in the primary stage of socialism, unity and difference in the distributions according to essential factors of production and according to wok, together with the major way to combine the two.The writer, then, in the fifth part, describes the existing problems concerning surplus value, income of private enterprise owners and exploitation, which emerge in the income distribution in the primary stage of socialism is inevitable, and that there is a tendency of surplus value becoming increasingly favorable to the interest of laborers. Afterwards, the composition and nature of the income of private enterprise owners and the unavoidability...
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