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The Nature And Causes Of Property Rights

Posted on:2003-12-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The main task of the paper was to study and explain the economic mechanism of the property-rights institutions' emergence, existence and changes with the methods of Neoinstitutional Economics Paradigm and value analysis.First, the general logical prerequisites and conditions of property rights' emerging and existing were analyzed. Then, we made a thorough analysis of the connotations and relationship of ownership and property rights, and the functional structure of property rights.In the further analysis of property rights, we had to study the value theory. So we analyzed the value theories critically, reexpounded and reestablished the labor value theory ,and established a new theory frame of value and price analysis. The new value theory was applied to the normal analysis of property rights in the follow parts.Based new value theory, the thesis analyzed the property-rights attributes and economic foundations of five legal forms of property institutions, and made a long inquiry of the long term tendency and welfare of the production development in different legal institutions. Then, we studied the conditions, causes and the influences to resources allocation of private ownership's establishment and existing, and the structure and change of the functions and income of labors and owners in the system of private ownership.The paper founded a theory of labor force property rights systematically. The structural features of property rights, transaction-cost restriction and efficiency of several contractual organizations were studied concretely.In the last two chapters, we made a general analysis of the causes and ways of property-rights changes, and summarized the scarcity principle and the choice theory on the arrangement and changes of property rights, Finally, we put forward a study framework on the history of property rights.The general viewpoints and propositions that we tried to establish or expound in the thesis: (1)As a basic economics category, property rights is the developing form of ownership; income right is the basic function of property rights; (2)For the normal analysis of property right, value theory is necessary; the commodity value is produced by workers' labor and the solidified labor I(C1); (3)Scarcity and the change of relative scarcity are basic causes of the arrangements and changes of property-rights institutions; (4)Transaction cost is the major restriction during distributing and changing property rights; Institutional arrangement and changes are mainly the result of utility-maximizing choice under the restriction of transaction costs. "No efficiency, no existence". (5)The property-rights institutions allocation that is suited to the relationship of resources' relative scarcity, will promote the optimal allocation of resources; The not suitable distributions of property rights will make economy get into low effort equilibrium, transaction costs increase; So, the general principle of institutional arrangements is: (1) distributing property rights distinctly; (2) transferring property rights freely; (3)the structure of property rights is suited to relative scarcity. (6)A government is a kind of contractual organization for team production.
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