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The Investigation Of The Problem Of Insurance Fund Application

Posted on:2004-08-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092487888Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Recently, the Chinese insurance industrial develop continuing and quickly, the countrywide of premium income to ?3 053 hundred of million in 2002, the same as than increase exceed to 30% , far from hyper the same term GDP of increase. There into the type of investment product become swift and violent ,insurance management to insurance investment of dependence become increase further .From long term investment return ,bond and stock investment of profit rate is higher ,it can make insurance fund application to capital market tropism become necessity choice .However , insurance fund application structure in our country coverage on bank account and national debt at present, these two items are in occupation of 70.6% .RMB account of agreement saving is 72.1% occupied in bank account .Along with bank rate ceaseless over the price these years, insurance fund profit rate is declined year after year: 4.3% in 2001, 3.14% in 2002.Fund balance that insurance company can exercise last year is ?5 799 hundred of million, the problem of downward bias efficiency in fund application is more and more extrusive, which impress directly on ability of payment and stability of management, it also concerns whether insurance business can persist and develop healthier.Compared with traditional insurance industry, modern insurance includes not only economic compensation function, but also the fund circulation function and social risk management function .It is a new hedge definition of insurance business which were in possession equivalent important status in modern insurance industry, furthermore insurance fund must enforce there basic aspects that reform investment supervision policy, strengthen self ability of management in insurance company and improve capital market environment, impel these three aspects together. The purpose of this article is trying to further verify the inference in demonstration angle:1 .It is testified according to insurance fund application retrospect analogy, the published of INSURANCE LAW in 1995, it makes way one entire accounting reorganization and variance from mandatory institution to out of order investment of the hypothesis of criterion behaving insurance fund application, country execute policy of further encouragement and unlock to fund application .But because of unlikeness of investment financial environment in China at present, insurance fund application exist a lot aspects of urgency reformation not only in investment, but also management mode.2 .It proves according to the investigation of the cases of this article, after reformation of insurance institution in our country , application modern investment theory to fund application in large insurance company at least, dispersing investment risk, improving profit ability of insurancecompany .Only at the same time of making profit in insurance company, assure insurance fund have sufficient ability of realization, the core competitive ability in insurance business can be improved .If insurance business last develop healthy quickly can be realized, we must offer proper elasticity space for its development, but this space, is consisted by the space of fund application in great extent.In the process of investigation, for explore path of Chinese insurance fund application and capital market advance to harmony, the article takes insurance company of business management of theory as basis, analysis Chinese insurance market advance of process, the deficiency of Chinese insurance market, on account of the truth, the article made a point that insurance fund application of innovation should be connected with capital market advance, it can make full play to insurance company as long term organization investor in pushing the Chinese market advance of function, prompt the capital market of efficiency, Chinese economic of long term to rise can be accelerated.From the angle of insurance company the article, analogies of the status of our country insurance fund application, solutes the existing problem in fund application managemen...
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