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A Research For The Contemporary Russia-Indian Relations: From The Psychological Character Perspective

Posted on:2004-03-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Since modem times, particularly the 20th century, Russia has been an important actor in the development of the international relations. .After the disintegration of Soviet Union, Russia, as a newly independent country, has fallen back to the level as in 300 years ago and occupies only the central part of the Euro-Asian continent. It becomes a powerful nation with regional and civilization interest. However, thanks to Russia's rich relics of the history and culture, and the strong potentiality of the development, Russia still plays an active and big role in the development of the international relations. At the same time, India, as a regional power in the south of the Asia-European continent and a member of the "nuclear club", also becomes an important variable in the construction of the international relations system. And its development cannot be ignored in this century. For this reason mentioned above, it is necessary to pay much attention to the reality and the trend of the development of the Russia-India relations.Both Russia and India are big neighbors of China. Between the China and Russia, there once existed not only friendship but only conflict, and even the border war. And the both sides' understanding about the relations of two states has gone from one extreme to another extreme. Nowadays, the relations between China and Russia. China and India, have developed stably and gradually. But there are still some troubles inherited from the history between both the Sino-Russia and Sino-India relations. What's more, during the transformation for IR, there constantly occur new troubles and interferences, which impose the impact on the present s and the future development of the Sino-Russia and Sino-India relations. Therefore, the nature and the development of the Russia -India relations will influence the security and stability of China's periphery, and the adjustment of the China's foreign policy. For this reason, China has to pay great attention to the present and future of the Russia-India relations. Also, it is necessary for China to make reasonable and clear understanding and judgment on the relations.From the new perspective of the theory and research, the knowledge and understanding of the present and future of the Russia-India relations is favorable to profound analysis of the concrete international affairs and general evolution of the IR. What's more, thanks to the analysis, judgment and research on the relations between two big neighbors, we can grasp the nature and law of the development of this relation in order to profoundly understand and know more about the China's periphery surroundings. So this project study will serve our foreign policy practice. And this is. unquestionably, a practical and significant project.In the ER research, most scholars focus their eyes on the politics, economy, military, strategy and the interaction among these factors. They want to seek for the interest pursued by the nations in the changing international stage through their research on the fundamental factors. However, the research from the anthropology, psychology and culture perspective is very few. Although the research on the non-economical factors, such as the culture, psychology and so on, has lasted for a long time, both the quantity and quality are not enough. Furthermore, some research methods and angels of this kind of perspective have been criticized by some scholars. For these reasons, comparatively, this perspective in the IRs research esp. on the relations among the states, has developed slowly. China's research on this area is weaker than western countries. But fortunately, the modern China has committed to be integrated into the international society. The research on the IRs has become more and more important in China. This offers Chinese scholars opportunities for their research in new areas.Sometimes non-economic factors outweigh the economic factor. According to the analysis of the development of the contemporary Russia-India relations, and after the sublimation of other scholars' re...
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